VooDoo: Latest Masterpiece from Kaku Kayak

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Kaku Kayak is a leader when it comes to originality, and their latest creation simply cements that fact. Introducing the VooDoo from Kaku Kayak, it’s a paddle craft made for anglers by an avid angler, ready to hit the water for your next paddling adventure.

It is finally here, My Voodoo Child! The new Kaku Voodoo!


SUP? KAYAK? MICRO SKIFF? Kaku paddle craft always seem to have identity issues. The new Voodoo takes it to a whole new level. The Voodoo simply offers so many options for the finicky kayak fisherman. The Voodoo has off the charts stability, paddles well while standing or seated in a chair that offers two seating positions as well as a sight casting/poling platform without having to make a single adjustment. The Chair is side mounted to 30”Aluminum top load gear tracks, giving the angler the ability to adjust the chair forward or backward depending on load and weight disbursement. The side mounts allow for the track to remain available for mounting a cup holder,  paddle holder, rod holder or any other necessary item you desire on the remaining track.

The chair on this new paddle craft is a one of a kind, never before seen on the market multi-purpose seat. Designed to have a wide sitting area to give the angler more room to move around without feeling cramped. The seat is made of strong tubing material, and can also be used as a standing platform, giving the angler that extra added advantage for sight casting your favorite fish species. The seat also features a leaning post which is typically seen on flats boats, giving the angler a little higher seating position. All designed to give the angler more options and a better experience when out on the water, without having to change the seat around, giving the angler more time casting.

The stern of the new VooDoo features five molded-in micro Power Pole mounts. Why so many? The VooDoo allows for single or dual Power-Pole Micro mounts. The options also include the ability to add motorized capability along with Power Pole Micro mounts. The unused mounts are covered with starboard. Starboard also offers great mounting options for other accessories without having to screw or drill into the hull.

The voodoo has large SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) style open deck in front of voodoo seat and plenty of room behind it for a good sized cooler. A large oval hatch towards front offers plenty of storage at the bow for those overnight paddle fishing trips. An additional 8 inch round locking hatch located at the stern for additional storage.

Kaku President, Kevin Hawkins, “I designed the Voodoo for the sportsman fisherman that absolutely loves sight casting big fish from a paddle craft. That want a paddle craft stable enough to stand high, but stills paddles well, while offering the ability to increase their range with some power when necessary. The Voodoo is an amazing fishing paddle craft first with great power abilities giving the angler a range of options.”


  • Length: 13′
  • Width: 35″
  • Depth: 8″
  • Weight: 80lbs
  • Capacity: 400lbs +
  • MSRP: $1199

Introduction on the water of the new Voodoo paddle craft can be seen here for a more in-depth look on the water.


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2 Responses to VooDoo: Latest Masterpiece from Kaku Kayak

  1. Alex holder says:

    This is a great kayak. It looks pretty good. I am a fresher man, I also have a kayak but it’s so old. It’s much not suitable for me. For a fisherman it’s very important to catch more fish, I if the kayak is not good, it’s become a great problem. If you fishing all the day you have needed a kayak with lots of facilities. The voodoo kayak has comes with lots of fracture and facility. I love the capacity of this kayak, its 400Ibs+, and also the other features. Every fisherman will love this kayak.

  2. Mark says:

    Picking mine up tomorrow !!

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