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Avid kayak angler and fly fisherman, Jerry Hamon, took some time to fill us in on his thoughts about the new Ultimate FX12 from Native Watercraft.  This hybrid kayak looks amazing and looks like an “ultimate” fishing machine.


side view of the Native Ultimate FX 12


My first thoughts when I finally set eyes on my brand new Ultimate FX 12 was simply this: Native Watercraft hit a home run with this kayak.  This kayak screams “designed by fishermen”.  The first thing I noticed was the seat.  It not only has the Native First Class High-Low seat, but it also gives the paddler the option of moving it forward or backward in the kayak.  I have spent a solid 7-8 hours in this seat with absolutely no discomfort or leg pain.  The seat also has an organizer that offers 2 slots which can hold up to 2 of the Plano 3500 tackle trays.  The rear of the kayak has a built in rear thwart with a gear track on each side, which are perfect for adding accessories like rod holders, light, and/or camera mounts.  There is also a large open hatch area perfect for carrying a crate, cooler, or a BlackPak.  The rear cargo area also has bungees to help secure your gear.

photo 5

First Class High/Low seat

Native also rigs the Ultimate FX with an anchor trolley on each side of the yak with reflective ropes.  The cockpit of the FX12 has a built in cup holder and non-skid traction and sound deafening material for more comfort and stealth when standing in the kayak.  In the front of the kayak, there is a nice open hatch area with bungees to secure more gear.  It also has a forward thwart with a center mounted gear track.  Just behind the front hatch area along each gunnel is a long gear track to add more accessories.

photo 3-3

Rear thwart & cargo area with gear tracks

I have fished this kayak in a variety of waters including rivers, streams, ponds, and large reservoirs to test the abilities of the FX12.  It is a fast kayak that tracks very nicely, even without the use of a rudder.  The new tunnel-hull design has made the FX even more stable than its predecessor, the Ultimate series.  I have even given the FX 12 the “old man standing test”, and this kayak passed with flying colors.  Did I mention the weight of the FX12?  This kayak weighs in at a mere 52 pounds without the seat, which makes it an easy task to load and unload on your vehicle.

photo 4

front hatch area of FX 12

The Ultimate FX12 has proven to be easily be one of the best kayaks that I have owned to date.  The open cockpit is great for a fly fisherman as it gives the angler plenty of room to strip line without any snag points.  I have to say that I feel right at home in my Ultimate FX12, and cant wait to get her back on the water again.


Ultimate FX12fx12[1]

  • First Class High/Low Seat
  • Tunnel Hull
  • Easy Foot
  • Groove
  • Tight Line Anchor Trolley
  • Length: 12’2″
  • Width: 30.5″
  • Weight: 52lbs
  • Depth at Beam: 12.5″
  • Capacity: 350lbs
  • MSRP: $1299
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3 Responses to Ultimate FX12

  1. Lee knight says:

    Love this kayak cost to much but I won’t one bad

  2. Ken Drexler says:

    I’ve used my Ultimate 12 for 3 years now and didn’t think they could improve on that design. Shame on me. The FX is proof. I will be buying one this spring.

  3. thekayakr says:

    Ive had mine for several years now. I do the kayak camping thing on river islands. You cant beat this kayak. Ive had many kayaks and this one is the best for what I do. My wife has a Wilderness which rides like a cadilac but that thing cant haul anything. I load mine up with gear and fish all day then camp at night. Its easy. Sometimes even my german shorthair likes to ride in the front when hes not swimming. I did just order the native wheel system. Cant wait for that. The C tug just cant handle the terrain I launch and land on. I really want a rudder system next. These things arent cheap and when you start adding things they really get expensive but its all how much you enjoy being on it. Cheers

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