Trapper Treble Introduced by Trapper Hooks

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Trapper Hooks recently unveiled their latest product innovation with the Trapper Treble hook.

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla., March 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — After winning the coveted “Best Terminal Tackle” award at ICAST, the world’s largest annual sportfishing trade show held in Orlando, FL, followed by a trifecta of industry Best-in-Show awards, Trapper Tackle gets ready to debut a trifecta of its own.  Enter “Trapper Treble” which will be first shown to the world later this week at the Bassmaster Classic in Houston, TX, on the world stage of championship bass fishing.

Trapper Tackle’s patented fish hook exploded on the scene of ICAST 2016 intriguing the industry with its unique box-shaped “trap” designed to help anglers land more fish. Since the beginning of time the curve of a j-shaped hook has been the principle design. As it turns out the curved design contributes to two universal problems anglers face: keeping baits in place and holding fish on.

Trapper Treble

Larry Davidson, inventor of the Trapper, created the hook to hold soft plastic lures in place. “Although the design works incredibly well for all kinds of freshwater and saltwater species, as a bass angler, the trap was conceived to lock my worms, beavers and hawgs in place. It’s amazing to make cast after cast without adjusting my bait. With having the lure perform properly in the water every cast, it adds up to more casts and strikes.”

When former Bassmaster Elite Series Bassmaster Angler, Vince Hurtado, fished the hooks, he experienced the second and possibly more valuable attribute of the hook’s design. “The real winner revealed itself when fish after fish was pinned in the trap. It became clear to me that the reason fish slip off traditional hooks is because a curve is nothing more than a bent straight line. When fish fight they twist and pivot. The only thing really holding them on is the barb and tension on the line. It’s not so hard for a fish to escape if you make a mistake.” With Trapper Hooks, problem solved. “Trappers introduce two right angles and two vertical shafts that make it very difficult for fish to overcome. Every angler I talk to that fishes these hooks says the same thing: These hooks improve the strike to land ratio.”

Trapper Tackle is again radically changing the way anglers think about fishing with their revolutionary design. Anglers and Dealers have been asking Trapper Tackle to release treble hooks and their wish is about to become true. The company has been quietly perfecting a set of Trapper Trebles to cover a multitude of techniques that adapt well to hard and soft baits and that will benefit weekend anglers and tournament pros alike.

Trapper Round Bend Trebles will debut at the Bassmaster Classic this week, but when Trapper had the factor of 3 in mind, they didn’t stop at just round bends.  Keep your eyes peeled for what else they have in store. You can read about it the next edition of Bassin which will also be stocked at the Dick’s Sporting Goods Booth at the classic and where you can also pick up some Trappers. Be sure to visit Trapper Tackle and Vince Hurtado at the Bassmaster Classic Outdoors Expo and witness the talk of the industry for yourself.



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