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It’s quite amazing how far kayak fishing has come in these past few years.  Kayak anglers wanting to fish at night would simply wear a headlamp, have a light pole from Yak Gear or Yak Attack, or a flashlight to go fishing at night.  Now, there’s an array of LED light strips that you can put on your kayak to light up the night.  SuperNova Fishing Lights has an amazing selection of kayak fishing lights from strips to go on your bow or stern, and several kits to choose from, or simply build your own kit with the varying LED light sizes.  I had a chance to check out the Basic Kayak Lighting Kit from SuperNova owner, Dez Davis.  I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the most mechanically inclined, but I found the install to be rather easy and quick.  Everything I needed was included in the kit with the exception of the soldering tool or solder iron.  Your connections are soldered together to ensure a solid connection, which makes for more productive usage when fishing at night.  If you’re like me, then SuperNova also has “how-to” videos on their website to help you with installing the kit or soldering your connections.  The LED’s were extremely bright when out on the water, which made visibility easy.  Add in the fact that your yak creeping through a small creek mouth or a lake all light up and vibrant with a bright green LED is pretty cool.  For more information on the kayak lights available from SuperNova, check out their website and let Dez and his crew get you taken care of…

  • Safety First! Increased visibility gives you peace of mind that everyone else on the water knows you’re there. You’ll be seen for miles!
  • SuperNova Kayak Light Kits are made with super bright LED strips. They are durable, submersible and salt water ready!
  • Blue strips are bright enough to light structures at casting distance and their UV qualities work well with fluorescent line.
  • Green strips are a bit brighter and attract bait by the net full!
  • Cabin lights can be positioned as task or indirect lighting to help the angler with tying line or bait selection. Blue is easier on your night vision, green is brighter and renders color best.
  • Tank well strips can help with your search for your tackle, rod or frosty beverage.
  • We offer custom

Basic Kayak Lighting Kit

Super bright 28 LED strips. Durable, submersible and salt water ready!

Fully Jacketed, Fully Encased and Silicone Encapsulated Strips.  The ONLY strips that are fully submersible!

Excellect visibility and bait attraction!

See what’s out there and most importantly, be seen by others on the water.

Enough light to easily see all structure at casting distance and get schools of bait to your boat.

What’s Included:

  • Set of 2- 28LED Light Strips, 20″
  • Toggle Switch with Waterproof Boot
  • 3M Adhesion Promoter
  • 6′ Extra 22 AWG Wire and Heat Shrink
  • 2 Wire Management Mounting Pads
  • In-line Fuse Holder and 5-amp fuse
  • 6 Tie wraps
  • Available in two colors: Blue & Green
  • MSRP: $99


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