Summer Heat Equals Tough Days on the Water

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Dog Days of summer is usually describing the heat wave that Florida endures each August. The summer heat in Florida can be brutal. That being said, if you can endure the summer heat, there’s fish to be had.

summer heat

Typically it’s pretty tough for my wife and I to get the opportunity to fish together. When you take into account work schedules, kids’ schedules, etc., it’s tough finding the time to actually spend time together out on the water. I’m truly fortunate in that we both love kayaking, and we both love fishing from our kayaks. That being said, we both hate fishing during the summer months. Simply put, the summer heat is just brutal and will suck the life out of you.

Of course when you have kids who play youth sports, you take advantage of any and every chance that you can to get out on the water. This is exactly what we did these past couple of weekends. Somehow the stars aligned, the fish gods were pleased, because we actually had two weekends in a row where we could go fishing.

Now, Kaycee just received a brand new Maverick 120 SUP from Vibe Kayaks and she was excited to get it out on the water. We took a couple of Sundays to test the capabilities and braved the summer heat in search of redfish. Truth be told, we were ready for just about anything to hit our lines and get some rod bends.

Our first trip was pretty fruitful as we stuck a few fish including a couple of really decent redfish. Kaycee really liked the Maverick 120 and the wheels were already turning for rigging it out a little better for our next trip. Surprisingly enough, the summer heat wasn’t all that unbearable and we enjoyed several afternoon hours out on the water. We found a nice little bend with some oyster mounds and went to work catching redfish.

Our second trip wasn’t as fruitful as our first trip, but we had an amazing time out on the water. The summer heat was a bit tougher this day, but the environment was simply awesome. We caught some redfish and trout, and even got one heckuva surprise with a small pod of tarpon that we couldn’t get to hook up no matter how hard we tried. Kaycee even got to paddle up and watch a couple of manatees who were just out enjoying the day too.

Even though the summer heat was tough, we both truly enjoyed spending time out on the water together. As we’ve said several times before… the family that fishes together, stays together. We’re already planning our next trip to chase some fish, hopefully the summer heat will have subsided a little bit by then!

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