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The Stealth Pro fishing kayak from Emotion Kayaks will soon be available at retailers. Marty Hughes of Kayakjak’s Outfitters was kind enough to share his thoughts on this latest fishing kayak from Emotion Kayaks. With a retail price of only $799, the Stealth Pro from Emotion Kayaks is definitely going to be a fan favorite.

Emotion Stealth Pro Angler Sit-On-Top Kayak

The Stealth Pro Angler Sit-On-Top kayak is the latest creation from Lifetime/Emotion, a longtime manufacturer of plastic boats.   We received the first boat out of the factory and were able to test it the last couple days.  Most noticeable was the stability of this craft.  You can stand, walk around on it, and even rock it substantially without “turtling” it.

Stealth Pro

The Stealth Pro has a width of 32 inches and is 11’8” long which gives it great tracking ability.  It is easy to paddle and its tunnel hull design is very intriguing with 9 self-bailing scupper holes and deck channel draining system.  It is constructed with UV-Protected durable, linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) construction.  The molded handles on each end provide for easy lifting and transporting of this kayak.  At only 80 pounds the Stealth Pro will transport easily on just about any vehicle.  The maximum weight capacity is 375 pounds which proves how stout this kayak is in the water.

The bungee rod-tip protector allows for you to place your rods along the sides or under the seat in the highest position for easy storage and you can easily navigate those backwater trees without breaking off those tips.  There are small bungee straps to secure two rods.  There are also two flush mount rod holders just behind the seat.  Speaking of the seat…one of the most comfortable Angler seats I have used to fish from in a kayak.  It installs easily and snaps into three different positions from slanted to high or low as well.  It can also be lifted and placed behind the main deck for standing which gives plenty of room to fish.  There is a strap which connects it to the kayak as well and another stability strap for stand-up support.  There is a bait bucket recess behind the seat and plenty of storage room. The foot pegs are easily adjustable.

Stealth Pro

In the bow area there is a water-resistant hatch with plenty of storage room inside the kayak.  A foam block has also been inserted to insure the floatation of this kayak if filled with water.  There is also a molded in measuring board for checking the length of fish. The drain plug is located on the upper side of the main deck near the middle so water is easily discharged without much effort of raising the kayak off the ground.  One key feature is the six universal accessory mounting tracks on the upper sides of the kayak.  There are also two small clear tackle boxes included and they both install on either side of the seat.  There are bungee straps on each side of the kayak for your paddle to be secure when fishing.  There are also handles on each side of the kayak.

Stealth Pro

I took the Stealth Pro out with a first time kayaker the first day and she enjoyed it very much. She was able to navigate it easily in 20+ mph winds while catching fish.  At no time did she feel tipsy in the Stealth Pro kayak.  I took it out myself and landed a few large northern pike with it the next day.  The tracking was decent and the stability remarkable.  I felt comfortable in the seat and stood up easily using the stand-up support strap.  I am very impressed with the design of this kayak and it’s features are fishing friendly.  This craft makes a great fishing platform and would work best on small lakes, ponds, or even slow moving rivers.  I would recommend a 240 cm paddle or longer for this kayak.  I used a 260 cm Bending Branches Angler Pro and found it very smooth to paddle.  It turns on a dime and priced to meet just about any budget at $799 retail.

Stealth Pro

Kayakjak’s Outfitters has this kayak available now.  The hull has a limited 5-Year Limited Liability Warranty. This is a good looking kayak and with the Green/Black color it brings out the best in its features.   I would recommend this kayak for the avid fisherman who wants to get out on the water where the big fish lurk!

About Emotion Kayaks

As long-time retailers of just about every kind of specialty sports equipment you could buy, we used to cringe at how complicated many companies seemed to make their product selection. We are focused on “keeping it simple” by completely understanding our little niche in the grand scheme of things. The result is a line-up of kayaks that are built as well as we could build them, taking no shortcuts. Kayaks that make sense. It will make your vacation, fishing excursion, or day-trip a safe, fun, and memorable one.

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Kayakjak’s passion for fishing started as a youngster fishing small freshwater ponds and combing area beaches with a surf rod in Southern California. Growing up as a military child often put him in new environments with unique fishing challenges. He has lived in Nebraska since 1976 and involved in education for 35 years. He started kayak fishing in 1998. His kayak fishing enthusiasm has spilled over to hundreds of clients he has hosted with his Kayakjak’s Outfitters service over the years. “There is nothing like witnessing the excitement of someone catching a fish from the kayak for the first time!”

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