Stealth Pro Angler from Emotion Kayaks

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At the recent Outdoor Retailer show, Emotion Kayaks unveiled a new kayak, the Stealth Pro Angler. Completely different from anything we’ve ever seen from Emotion Kayaks, the Stealth Pro is designed with fishing and comfort in mind.

Stealth Pro Angler

The Stealth Pro Angler definitely passes the eye test, and with a MSRP of $799 it definitely passes the wallet test as well. There are an enormous amount of features on the Stealth Pro, which will make the day more comfortable and prepared regardless of angling experience. The Stealth Pro will have 6 potential color combinations: Gator Camo, Camo, Blue/Black/White, Green/Black/White, Red/Black, & Black/White.

The design of the hull offers stability and performance with their innovative V-Tunnel Combination Hull. This design allows the kayak to cut through the water near the front, and has a pontoon effect in the rear. The Stealth also accepts aftermarket anchor systems and rudder mounts with mounting points on the stern. The Stealth Pro Angler also is specially designed with a foam reinforced deck to offer floor strength and additional buoyancy.

Stealth Pro

Emotion also went above and beyond with rigging ability, featuring 6 12″ sections of YakAttack universal GearTracs giving the angler more than enough space and areas to rig out their kayak for fishing. There are molded bow and stern handles along with two (2) luggage style handles mid-yak making transportation easy for the angler. The deck of the Stealth Pro Angler also features 7 scupper holes and a deck channel drainage system, which supports keeping your deck dry.

The front of the kayak features a large oval hatch with a rubber sealing lip which keeps the hatch water resistant. The kayak also features two (2) convenient horizontal rod storage cradles with bungee rod tip protector at the bow, and a stand up assist strap. It also includes a paddle cradle up front to lay your paddle. Adjustable foot braces meet the needs of any angler regardless of size, and the Stealth Pro Angler also features a molded in 30″ ruler on the deck to aid in measuring fish.

The seat on the Stealth Pro Angler is designed for all day fishing comfort. The seat has three (3) settings: high for fishing, low for paddling, and reclining for relaxation. The aluminum framed seat features a quick-dry foam back mesh seat to keep the angler comfortable all day on the water. Beside the seat on each side of the kayak is set up with 2 Flambeau Tackle Trays which is included, and  has 2 11″ long ditty trays to keep tackle or lures handy.

Stealth Pro 1

The tankwell of the Stealth Pro Angler has ample room for a crate, BlackPac, bucket, or cooler with bungees to secure gear. There are also a set of YakAttack GearTracs on each side for addition accessories. Flush mount rod holders also come stock making the Stealth Pro Angler ready to fish.

Stealth Pro Angler

  • Length: 11’8″
  • Width: 32″
  • Weight: 80lbs
  • Capacity: 375lbs
  • MSRP: $799

The Stealth Pro Angler will be available in the Spring of 2017. Visit Emotion Kayaks at to learn more about their line up of kayaks and look for a dealer near you.

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