Stalking Redfish

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Yak Outlaws editors, Tony Hart and Buddy Freeman, took to the inshore creeks of Northeast Florida to go stalking redfish.  They were celebrating Tony’s birthday weekend, and were both in dire need of some time in the kayaks out on the water.

Buddy & Tony launched from Browns Creek in Jacksonville, Florida to go stalking redfish.  They stopped at their local bait and tackle shop to load up on some mud minnows, and headed for the yak launch.  After quickly unloading their Old Town Kayaks Predator MX kayaks, they headed off in search of some fish. The day started off slowly with just a few small nibbles, and one massive fish breaking Tony off.  Buddy drew first blood with a small redfish and a small flounder.

It didn’t take long for the bite to pick up once the tide started turning.  Once the tide changed, Tony and Buddy were stalking redfish who were swirling and busting bait along a row of oyster beds.  Tony quickly set the hook on a nice 22″ redfish that got the day started the right way, and their adrenaline pumping.  After a few small other fish, they started pushing back further into the creeks looking for redfish pushing wakes along the banks or busting bait along the shoreline.

They were just about to work a small cluster of oyster beds, when the both heard and saw a massive redfish busting bait in a creek roughly 30 yards away.  They eased into the creek in order to not spook the redfish out of the small cove.  Buddy set up within casting distance and Tony set up to catch the whole thing on the GoPro Hero 3+ Black action cam.  They were sitting in about 8″ of water in a small and narrow cut when they saw the redfish swirl around some bait next to a mound of oyster beds.  Buddy tossed the perfect cast, and it was FISH ON!  After a short battle, Buddy landed a beautiful 26.5″ redfish.

There’s nothing better than stalking redfish on low tide.  We hope you enjoy the video.

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3 Responses to Stalking Redfish

  1. Damon says:

    Good job guys! Those MX look right at home on the flats. Were you popping shrimp or muds?

  2. Jaime says:

    Great video. Hopefully soon I will have the courage to stand and cast from my yak.

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