Shimano: New Rods and Reels for Christmas

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One of the top names in the fishing reel and rod industry for a long time has been Shimano. Day 18 of the Yak Outlaws Gift Guide features some great new fishing gear from Shimano Fishing.

Exsense Spinning Reel


Showcasing its flagship features in an all-new series of spinning reels, Shimano brings both freshwater and saltwater anglers the Exsence reels. Offered in two models – the Exsence C3000MHG and 4000MXG, the reels are lightweight for their intended uses, yet plenty strong and durable to handle big bass and light line saltwater situations. Within the Exsence reels, Shimano incorporates a Hagane gear – a cold forged aluminum ‘Micro Module’ drive gear offering both strength and smoothness, and X-Protect – a ‘labyrinth design’ three-lipped rubber seal system that offers exceptional water resistance without sacrificing light gear and rotor rotation feel. On the outside, the saltwater safe magnesium Hagane body is light and rigid, providing further all-day fishing comfort. The magnesium rotor – adding to the Exsence;’ overall lightweight, also helps with the sensitivity. MSRP: $539.99-$549.99

CURADO Casting Rod

Using the name that says ‘bass fishing’ to most anglers, Shimano introduces the all-new Curado bass rods, offered in a mixture of both versatile and technique-specific actions for every bass fishing situation. Available in 21 models, at the core of the 11 new Curado casting and five spinning rods are light and sensitive high modulus UD carbon blend and Nano resin blanks, while the five Curado cranking rods have high modulus carbon/glass blend with Nano resin blanks.

Within their range among bass rods, the blank construction provides anglers with increased sensitivity, along with being lighter and extremely strong and durable. Shimano uses Fuji stainless K guides with Alconite rings, and either Fuji PTS or VSS reel seats with matte rubber soft touch painting. With the casting rods, the sleek matte finish to the blank and components matches up well with Shimano’s new Curado K baitcasting reels. Additionally, the rods have high-grade AAA cork grips – full cork on the casting rods, split grip design on the spinning rods. MSRP: $159.99-$169.99

Sustain FI

Shimano’s complete update efforts bring both fresh and saltwater spinning reel anglers the new Sustain series, now with Shimano’s Hagane gear technology and body design, and X-Protect. For uses from targeting big bass with finesse baits, to stripers and even small billfish, the new Sustain reels are available in four sizes – the Sustain 2500HG, C3000HG, 4000XG and C5000HG. The larger size 4000XG and C5000HG reels took ‘Best New Saltwater Reel’ honors at the 2017 ICAST New Product Showcase awards.

When using the new Sustain spinning reels, anglers will noticed a high level of rigidity – a solid feel to the reel from the Hagane aluminum body construction. The Shimano Magnumlite low inertia rotor provides a sensitive, light rotation, with its asymmetrical shape and light start up allows anglers to retrieve line in instantly. MSRP: $299.99-$309.99

Conquest Bass Rods

Bringing together G. Loomis design expertise and proven rod actions with Shimano’s core blank technology provides bass anglers with Conquest – a 12 rod line-up introduced through a joint collaboration between G. Loomis and Shimano product development staffs. The new Conquest series includes eight casting rods with G. Loomis’ original ‘Mag Bass’ fast action tapers, and four ‘Spin/Jig’ fast action spinning rods.

When using the Conquest casting rods, anglers will experience G. Loomis’ original ‘Mag Bass’ fast action tapers with the available 6-foot-6-inch CNQ 782C MBR and 783C MBR, the 7-foot CNQ 842C MBR, 843C MBR and 844C MBR, and the seven-foot-six-inch CNQ 903C MBR, 904C MBR and 905C MBR. MSRP: $650-$675

Curado K

With a new look and technology focused on reliability and durability, Shimano’s all-new Curado 200 K series baitcasting reels are ready for anything from hardcore tournament use, to day-after-day, weekend-after-weekend performance. The new Curado series was just introduced at the tackle industry’s annual trade – ICAST – where it took ‘best new freshwater reel’ honors in the event’s ‘New Product Showcase’ awards.

A long-time favorite among bass anglers and also for coastal saltwater use, the six new Curado 200K reels – both left- and right-hand retrieve models offered – include the 200K and 201K with 6.2:1 gear ratios, the 200KHG and 201KHG with 7.4:1 gear ratios, and the 200KXG an 201KXG with 8.5:1 gear ratios. Each now features a host of new innovative Shimano baitcasting reel technology, most notably MicroModule gears, SVS Infinity braking system, and a smaller platform ergonomic shape. MSRP: $179.99

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