Say Goodbye To Those Kayak Fishing Blues

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C’mon fellas… It’s okay to admit it. It happens to all of us at one point or another. Yeah, that’s right… the dreaded Kayak Fishing Blues. It’s life guys… We get caught up in so much that we don’t get the chance or opportunity to get out on the water as much as we like. I finally got the opportunity a couple of weeks back to say goodbye to those kayak fishing blues.

We’ve all been there. Wife, kids, work, after school activities, sports. There are the things that oftentimes curb our ability to simply get out on the water. Enjoying the good life, just you and the trusty ole yak! I’m no different. Heck I even fell into the dreaded “S” word. You know the word I’m talking about.. slump! My situation is no different than what most of you have succumbed to. Family, kids, kids playing sports. It happens to us all at one point or another. This had been my undoing for what turned out to be several months. Kids baseball season was going on, then right into the holidays and heaven forbid you miss a dinner with the in-laws to go kayak fishing. Trust me fellas, that’s not one ya wanna have to deal with.

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As a matter of fact, it’d been exactly 16 weeks since I’d last hit the water. The last time before that? When Hurricane Irma struck Florida, we snuck out to Mississippi to fish with my old buddy, Barrett Fine. And truth be told, I didn’t really get to fish much those 16 weeks ago. My 8 year old son, Gavin, wanted to go and he put a whoopin on me and caught his first slam! Needless to say, I was in dire need to time out on the water. It had simply been way too long and those kayak fishing blues needed me to say goodbye.

I pretty much had it all planned out in my head. I told the wife on Monday that regardless of what was planned, my butt was going fishing on that Sunday. The tides were perfect. The weather was forecast to be perfect. And come hell or high water, I was going regardless. I was saying goodbye to those kayak fishing blues no matter the consequences. By the way, I will neither confirm or deny that the wife wasn’t too happy or pleased with my declaration.

I loaded up my ATAK 120, Power Pole battery charged, 4 rods and reels, and my paddle and I took off to go hit the water.  It was one of those beautiful blue bird sky type of days. Absolutely the perfect day to say goodbye to the ole S word! I pushed off in search of fish. Truth be told, I really didn’t care what kind of fish I caught that day… I could have caught trash fish all day long and still be happier than a pig in… well you get the analogy. I was armed to the teeth with bait too. I’d grabbed shrimp and mud minnows, even had a rod rigged up with a road runner jighead matched with a Bass Assassin 4″ curly tail. I was catching something!

My first spot was a big fat zero. I wasn’t giving up though. I started heading back to what used to be my secret redfish spot (trust me, that’s a whole different story for another day). I get back into my favorite creek and it was skinny. I mean it’s always skinny around low tide, but this was Kate Moss skinny. I ended up having to do the butt skooch technique for about 40 yards to get back to my favorite spot. Honestly, I almost turned around but luckily enough I was too lazy to turn around and head the other way. I get back to the spot I normally fish and it’s so low that I can’t even set up where I’d normally set up to fish. I dropped the Power Pole down, got out and started getting ready to fish. First cast with a mud minnow on and BAM! redfish on! You’d thought I’d just gotten a big ole slice of ice cream birthday cake! I’d officially said goodbye to those kayak fishing blues!

I camped out there the rest of the morning fishing the incoming tide catching redfish after redfish. It didn’t matter what I threw at them. As soon as the bait or lure it the water, there was a redfish on within seconds. At one point I took a shrimp head, put it on the jighead, and cast it out and before I could even close the bail on my reel, there was a redfish on the line. I gotta be honest here… I stood there giggling like a giddy little school girl while I cast, caught, and released redfish after redfish. I’m happy nobody was around to witness the spectacle of my giggling uncontrollably because they would have sworn I had some sort of mental disability. Did I care? I think you all know the answer to that question! At last count I’d fished about 3 hours or so, and landed 42 redfish total that beautiful morning.

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