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Conservation is extremely important aspect of my life on the water. Costa Del Mar feels the same way about conservation with their new Santiago polarized sunglasses from their “Untangle Our Oceans” Collection.


For me personally, conservation is important to my family. I take my 2 sons fishing with me all the time. Our time on the water together is priceless, and it’s important that they can carry on the tradition of fishing with their sons and daughters, and so forth for future generations.

Costa’s Untangle Our Oceans program takes old fishing nets and recycles them to make this new collection of polarized sunglasses. According to Costa, “an estimated 640,000 tons of discarded fishing material makes its way into our waterways. Discarded fishing nets are the most harmful form of plastic pollution in our oceans. But, in partnership with Bureo, we’re helping to change that. Made of 97% to 100% recycled fishing nets, our Untangled collection of sustainable frames includes Core Performance and Beach Lifestyle options that are as good for fishing as they are for the ocean.”

Santiago polarized sunglasses

I recently received a pair of the Santiago sunglasses from Costa, and quickly put them to the test on the flats in Tampa, Florida. The fit was very snug, which alleviates any worry of them sliding off your face. The clarity in the lenses were exactly what we’ve come to expect from the Costa Del Mar name. The weight of the sunglasses was also ideal. Not too heavy where you’re feeling like you’ve got 10lbs on your face. The Santiago sunglasses are made from 97% recycled fishing nets, which is even more reason to love them.

Overall, I was and still am very pleased with the Santiago polarized sunglasses from the Untangle Our Oceans line. The Santiago sunglasses have definitely found their home as part of my daily look, both on the water and off the water.

Family time on the water

To learn more about the entire collection of Untangle Our Oceans collection from Costa for both men and women, visit Costa as Untangle Our Oceans | Costa Del Mar.

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