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Salt Life Optics is our feature for Day 18 of our Christmas Reviews.  The crew at Yak Outlaws all took a few moments to give their personal take on the Optics from Salt Life.

What does your eyewear do for you?  That is the question every angler should ask themselves before purchasing any run of the mill pair of sunglasses.  Salt Life, better known as one of the largest apparel and accessories provider of performance fishing gear worldwide, has developed their line of sunglasses for every angler or water enthusiast there is.  Founded in 2003 out of Jacksonville Beach, Florida, Salt Life has become not just a brand but a lifestyle for all those that share what our ocean waters have to offer us.










Their Statement:  “Dont miss the big catch – our anti-glare optics help you see through the water even before you cast your line!  Salt Life sunglasses have full UV protection so you can enjoy a day in the sun.  We use only the best ZEISS lenses, polarized so you can watch the Salt Life in its true color.”

With a variety of men’s or ladies lightweight and durable frames to choose from as well as numerous color schemes to choose for lenses, you won’t have any problem finding that perfect pair to fit your style.  Each pair of Salt Life Optics feature a polarized polycarbonate lenses with Ri-pel front and AR5 back of lens treatments, a Salt Life logo on the side of the frames, perfect for the beach, boat, or kayak. Zeiss lenses Polarized polycarbonate lenses with Ri-pel front and AR5 back of lens treatment.  In short, these high end performance optics wear were created and designed by ‘Salt Life’ for the ‘Salt Life’!

So, what does your eyewear do for you???

Here are a few reviews by the Yak Outlaws’ crew:

Brent Louviere (Texas)–“I recently received the Tortola frame model from Salt Life Optics.  I went with the gloss black frames with the copper-green lenses.  I couldn’t be happier with these sunglasses!  The lightweight and durable frames live up to the expectation you would expect from a performance set of eyewear and the anti-glare lenses are a MUST have while battling that early morning sunrise.”

Tony Hart (Florida) – “I’ve had Salt Life Optics for some time now, and the quality is unbeatable.  The Zeiss lens take the optics of Salt Life to a completely new level.  The glare is knocked out, and the Tortola frames are easily the most comfortable sunglasses I’ve worn on the water. I went with the Tortola with clear frames and the cobalt blue lens for that extra pop and stylish look.  The price point of the Salt Life Optics along quality make them the best polarized optics on the market today.”

Seth Dalton (Florida) – “I like the fact that the amber lens makes colors more vibrant. Fish seem to pop out of the water. It gives you the ability to see grass beds and structure more easily. As far as comfort goes they are snug but not uncomfortable. I went with the Venice frames with amber lens and I couldn’t be happier with the Salt Life Optics!”

Nathan McIntosh (Texas) – ” Impressed!!” For a guy needing sunglasses every time he walks outside, Salt Life Optics gets two thumbs up from me. Along with being an avid fisherman, sunglasses are on the top of my “must have” list for fishing. I went with the gloss/black Largo frames with copper/amber lenses. Being from Southeast Texas and fishing our muddy waters the Zeiss amber lenses from Salt Life Optics really help cut through the suns glare and muggy waters at the same time. I would recommend these shades for anyone looking for a good solid pair of polarized sunglasses.

John Champion (Tennessee)- “Blown away”!! I have worn quality glasses from almost every manufacturer, but I have yet to have one that across the board is sheer perfection. I went with the La Jolla frames in a gloss black/black lenses so that I could uses them at work and on the water. The frames fit tight to my head with no slip which allows me to fish without worry of them slipping off, the clarity the Zeiss lens provides is unmatched allowing all day fishing without fatigue in even the brightest conditions . I would highly recommend anyone who is looking for those perfect polarized sunglasses to try the Salt Life Optics.”

Kevin Romano (New Jersey)- “Amazed” Being very light sensitive I have been through every brand of sunglasses including prescription lenses. When I received my Salt Life Optics Nantuckets with Amber lenses I couldn’t believe how clear everything became. The Zeiss lens not only kept the glare off but also made everything crystal clear. Looking down into a local lake I was able to see about 5 feet down with no problem. The frames are very comfortable and can be worn all day long. I recommend these glasses for anyone that is light sensitive and looking for an amazing pair of glasses.





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