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Rigging up a Stand Up Paddleboard takes a little more ingenuity versus rigging up a fishing kayak.  The choices aren’t really limited, just the application of the accessories.  I wanted to rig up my Pelican Flow 116 with only a couple of items, as I believe SUP angling is more enjoyable from the minimalist point of view.  With that mindset, I decided to simply add a rod holder and a camera mount for my action cam.  Normally, as with kayak rigging, I’d drill into the kayak, use a couple of nuts and bolts, and we’d be golden.  Unfortunately, we aren’t allotted that luxury when it comes to rigging up our SUP for our next angling adventure.  I took a quick trip to my local hardware store to gather up the materials that I’d need: stainless steel self tapping screws, and some silicone adhesive.


Once I had everything I needed, I set up my SUP to begin the install.  First thing you’ll want to do is figure out the layout.  The Flow 116 has a nice circle area just in front of the padding, which provides a perfectly flat area with which to work.  The rod holder I chose to install is the Raiblaza rod holder II that was received from Yak Gear.  I laid on the rod holder base to exactly where I wanted it, then marked the areas to be drilled.  I then took my cordless drill with a very small bit to make a pilot hole to aid it not letting my screws walk, thus preventing the holes from being bored out any.  Once my holes were drilled, I then took my sealing adhesive and applied to the underneath area of the rod holder base.  Once, accomplished, I then took my screws and using a screwdriver, quickly screwed in the stainless screws.


It’s important to not skimp by using anything other than a stainless screw, as you don’t want to have the screw rust at some point in the future due to the water being on the board while paddling.  Now that everything is fastened into place, take a small rag and wipe away any excess that has oozed out, cleaning up the area.  Now, you’ve got yourself a SUP with a rod holder, which gets you ready to fish from your SUP.  It should be noted that I also used a Railblaza rod holder extension to give my rod holder a little more height, for easier reaching.

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