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It’s no secret that I’d had my eye on this kayak for quite some time.  I first came across this kayak at a tournament in Texas, and took a stronger look at the iCast convention in Las Vegas over the summer.  There was a lot of hype and interest when this kayak debuted, and on all accounts it seems as though it was all very well deserved.  Once I had the okay from my financial advisor (aka wife), I headed up to my local dealer, Strike Zone – Jacksonville, to take another look.  Of course, I’d already had my mind set prior to arriving at Strike Zone, now it was simply down to picking out the color.  I brought my 2 closest advisors (my sons, Garrett & Gavin) along to help me choose, and they recommended the urban camo color design.  I have to admit, I was very pleased with their selection and advice.


I chose the Predator MX over the Predator 13, due to my wanting a clean cockpit area.  The ability to stand with a clear deck was important, especially when wanting to stand and sight cast or pole around the flats.  I also wanted the clear deck for fly fishing purposes.  The deck is also comfortable to stand on, which I was a little worried about with all the ridges.  The scupper plugs allow the water to drain easily, without allowing it to funnel back into the kayak.

I’ll admit I was a little leery of how the kayak would paddle with it being so wide.  Wide kayaks are normally brandished with the “barge” tag, but I was pleasantly surprised at how well this kayak paddled.  The speed is decent and the tracking is phenomenal.  Very easy to paddle, and gets up on plane very easily.  One thing that really drew my attention to the kayak was the rigging possibilities.  The Predator line of kayak from Old Town offers six (6) rigging plates on each kayak.  These rigging plates are removable, and can be changed out, but the greatest part is they allow you to add rod holders, gear tracks, camera mounts, etc. without having to drill into the kayak itself.  You can also purchase extra rigging plates at around $20 for a pair if you get tiresome of how things are rigged and want to try something new.  The seat on the Predator kayaks is absolutely amazing, and calling it the crème de la crème isn’t a reach at all.  The seat seems a little oversized, which is perfectly fine with me.  It offers plenty of cushion on the bottom to prevent fatigue, and the high back offers ample support for those long days on the water.  The Predator MX’s seat can be switched from the normal low position to the high position to allow for increased visibility.  It’s very easy to change the positions of the seat, even while on the water, and the seat can also be laid back to give the angler ample standing room. The rear area of the storage area is a tad narrower than most kayaks, as the milk crate doesn’t sit all the way down, but a little DIY and that problem is fixed.  A small cooler will also fit in the rear cargo area easily.  Overall, I have been pleasantly pleased with the overall ability of the Predator MX kayak.  There’s ample room all over the kayak which leaves the kayak angler not feeling cluttered.  The kayak paddles extremely well for it’s width, tracks like an arrow, and offers a comfort level which begs for longer fishing excursions.

Predator MXp_12679_700[1]

  • Length: 12′
  • Width: 34″
  • Weight: 82lbs
  • Capacity: 375-400lbs
  • Seat Width: 21″
  • Seat height: 15″
  • Performance Crafted Tri-Hull
  • Slip Resistant Exo-Ridge Deck
  • 6 Removable Mounting Plates
  • Rod Tip Holders
  • Rod Retainer Bungees
  • Exo-Ridge Tankwell
  • Side Mount Paddle Storage
  • Molded Paddle Rests
  • Large Bow Hatch with Click Seal Cover
  • Dual Tackle Holders
  • Stand-Up Assist Strap
  • MSRP: $1199
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9 Responses to Predator MX

  1. Joey Goodwin says:

    My MX was delivered today. It was a tough decision between it and the 13, but ultimately that wide open deck really was the sell for me.

    So what did you do to get the milk crate to sit flush to the deck. I was a bit disappointed that OT did not give just a bit more room in the back. Love the set up on your yak though. Any ideas would be appreciated.

    • Tony Hart says:

      Joey, I basically went the same route. I liked the open and clean deck of the MX over the 13. However I went away from using a milkcrate, and simply added a couple of YakAttack tubes to the back of my yak. This gives me storage for 2 rods, and I can always use the rod keeper on the MX if I choose to carry a couple more rods. -Tony

    • Jerry says:

      I used a 12″ disk sander. Take a bit off both sides. You could use a belt sander or maybe even a orbital sander with aggressive grit

  2. Dave C says:

    Just picked up an MX myself and can’t wait to get in the water. I’m curious, what kind of cooler do you have in your pic?

  3. Seth W says:

    I just purchased a Predator MX myself in urban camo. I just recently got in to kayak fishing, and started off with a cheap sit on top kayak. Once I went out once, I was hooked, and decided 3 weeks later to upgrade to the Predator MX. I was having a hard time deciding what type of crate to put in the back since a standard milk crate doesn’t fit well. I use a scupper plug cart to tow my kayak around once I get it off the truck, and was having a hard time finding an option that would allow me to keep my crate in while installing the cart (I always use it on the rear). I ended up buying a milk crate that was wider than a standard square crate, and sat it on top of the tankwell. I disconnected the bungee strap that runs in the tankwell and re-tied through the milk crate, and used 2 small bungee straps with hooks on each end to put more back pressure on it to the rear bungee loop. I then positioned it so the front of the crate sat at the top rear edge of the metal bar that runs behind the seat, and used 3 black zip ties to tie it down there.

    After completion, I really like the setup. Becuase the crate sits on top of the kayak, I have plenty of room underneath for a spare paddle, soft cooler with snacks for the day, and plenty of room behind it (thanks to the large tank well) to put in other accessories. The seat still works in all positions, and I am able to get the cart on and off very easily. If anyone would like to see pictures I would be glad to post.

  4. wallace says:

    I love this kayak im working cutting down a milk crate and attaching a cooler to it that will fit in the rear like a glove

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