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I first learned about the Power Pole Micro at last year’s iCast event in Las Vegas, and while I never had the free time to sneak over to take a look, I was definitely intrigued by the concept behind it.  It wasn’t until May that I finally got the opportunity to check it out in person, and the intrigue grew.  I spent time chatting with Greg Watts, a manufacturers representative, and learned quite a deal simply listening to Greg.  I was in awe of how quickly the unit moved the spike up and down in a matter of seconds.

The very next day, I headed to southwest Florida to do some redfishing.  As I stood and drifted over some flats, I’d see some redfish moving.  The wind and current was pushing pretty hard, so I had to anchor myself.  I, like many of you, use an anchor trolley and a stake out pole to anchor my kayak.  The time needed to deploy my stake out pole and adjust my anchor trolley constantly proved to simply take too long.  By the time I’d get set up, I’d be on top of the fish, thus eliminating the opportunity to cast and land the quality redfish patrolling the flats.  I distinctly remember telling my fishing partner, and fellow editor of Yak Outlaws, Buddy Freeman, that the Power Pole Micro would’ve definitely made the day 100% easier.  The following week, I was contacted by Power Pole and offered a position with their pro staff, and I gladly accepted.


Texas redfish with the Power Pole Micro locked down


I received my Power Pole Micro, and quickly went to work with figuring out the most proficient way to set it up on my Old Town Predator MX kayak.  After some much needed advice and direction with YakAttack, I ordered the necessary gear to mount my Micro.  Once installation was complete, I was amped for the opportunity to test it out.  Unfortunately, I would have to wait a few days for the time and opportunity to put the Power Pole Micro through the paces.  That opportunity came in the form of a 5 day, 2 state kayak fishing trip in Texas and Louisiana.  We fished 2 days in Texas, and another in Louisiana, and the Micro was truly tested in all types of scenarios and conditions; calm weather, windy days, rain days, etc.


Power Pole Micro fitted on an Old Town Predator MX

I can’t speak highly enough of how the Power Pole Micro performed, nor of how impressed I was with it.  Fishing in 30mph winds can be a daunting task, but the Micro handled the situation extremely well.  My kayak would turn just a little, but not to the point where it would interfere or prohibit my fishing a certain spot while anchored up.  Even standing up in my kayak while anchored, the Power Pole Micro held up to the task.  Even more impressive was how quickly I was able to drop the Micro’s Spike with a simple push of a button on the remote control that hung from my neck.  The Spike simply drove itself into the ground and locked me into place.  At one point, while drifting over a flat while standing in my yak with 30mph winds pushing me, I set the Micro down to anchor me, and I was pleasantly surprised.  I braced myself for a jolt when the Spike entered the ground, and almost expected to lose my balance with stopping so abruptly, but quickly realized that the Micro was smooth as butter.  Over the 3 days of fishing, the Micro was used multiple times each day and it performed flawlessly each time.  Several kayak anglers were also impressed with the Power Pole Micro, and I expect we’ll see several more Power Pole mounted yaks in the very near future.  The price of the Power Pole Micro can make the hardiest of DIY kayak anglers hesitate, but once you try the Micro, you’ll never want to use a stake out pole ever again.  The kayak fishing trip with the Power Pole Micro had me asking how I ever fished from my kayak without one for so long.



Power Pole Micro with Micro Spike

Power Pole Micro

  • Extremely quiet
  • Easy installation
  • Driver unit is easily removable for storage or transfer to another boat
  • Pairs with other C-Monster controllers
  • Works with other 3/4″ spikes
  • Spike can stay in the Micro Driver Unit or be removed while running to your next spot
  • 2 year warranty


  • Power: “Stealth”60 Watt low RPM high torque electric motor.
  • Deployment speed: 1.2 ft. per second
  • Weight with Clamp: 11.5lbs
  • Weight without Clamp: 7.5lbs
  • Mounting Bracket Footprint: 6.20″ x 5.60″
  • Housing unit: IP 68 Environmental Resistance (1-2 meter saltwater submersion)


  • Driver Unit: $595
  • Micro Spike: $95



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