PFG Solar Shade Printed Long Sleeve from Columbia

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Columbia Sportswear has long been to leader in performance fishing gear, and one could easily argue that Columbia is the granddaddy of performance fishing gear. 2017 brings about new technology from Columbia with their PFG Solar Shade Printed Long Sleeve shirts.We initially checked out the new gear from Columbia Sportswear during the ICAST show earlier this summer when we visited their booth. Initial thoughts were the shirts almost had somewhat of a “plastic” look to them. With a bit more research, there’s a very good reason for this. The latest technology from Columbia Sportswear feature Solar Shade, which is designed to deflect the sunlight which makes the angler feel even cooler on the water.


Another great feature of the PFG Solar Shade shirts is they also block Ultraviolet A and Ultraviolet B rays (UVA and UVB) from reaching your skin. We all know how harmful the sun’s ray can be on our skin, and this is simply another feature to protect yourself when out on the water all day long. Of course, there are several colors to choose from including a digital camo which helps provide protection from being seen when out on your favorite flat.

Columbia sent us the PFG Solar Shade Zero Woven Long Sleeve and the PFG Solar Shade Printed Long Sleeve shirts to play with and give our feedback on to share with you. Again, my first initial thought was the shirt had a plastic look to it, therefore I assumed it would be uncomfortable. There’s a reason why you should never assume and we all know the old saying when it comes to assuming something. The shirts are actually very comfortable when worn and feel just as good as you’d come to expect from Columbia Sportswear. I really wanted to test this theory of blocking the sun to make you feel cooler. I could think of no better way to do that than in the middle of the day in the summer heat of August in the state of Florida. Y’all it’s hot in August in Florida, like catch on fire as soon as you walk outside kind of hot. I went out in the middle of the day when it’s typically the hottest part of the day. It’s not hard to believe that I wasn’t surprised that the Solar Shade shirts worked perfectly when out on the water. While it felt like it was around 100 degrees with the heat and humidity, I wasn’t bothered as I normally would be with those types of conditions.

Overall, I have been pleasantly pleased with the performance of the new Solar Shade shirts from Columbia Sportswear. The shirts not only help protect from the harmful UV rays of the sun, but they also help deflect the sunlight, which helps keep the angler cooler on the water. The PFG Solar Shade Zero Woven Long Sleeve is great on the water, or even paired with a pair of shorts for a casual night at dinner or meeting friends to talk about the great day of fishing you just had over a few cold drinks.

PFG Solar Shade Zero Woven Long Sleeve (MSRP: $95)


This woven button-up is fully featured with Columbia’s new Omni-Shade Sun Deflector and Omni-Freeze to help keep you cool and protected for long days on the water. This key style for Columbia PFG is strategically zoned, and offers the sun-deflecting dots exactly where you need it on the shoulders and back. In addition, this shirt has a sun protection collar, roll-up sleeves, rod holder, and Light Rail zippered chest pockets.


PFG Solar Shade Printed Long Sleeve (MSRP: $70)

The Solar Shade Printed Long Sleeve looks and works unlike any other fishing shirt on the water.  It features Omni-Shade Sun Deflector that actively deflects sunlight away from the body so you feel cooler and stay protected.  As an additional benefit, these small dots are applied to Omni-Shade fabric to help protect against Ultraviolet A and Ultraviolet B rays (UVA and UVB) from reaching your skin.  The PFG Solar Shade Printed Long Sleeve is available in men’s and women’s styles in a variety of colors and prints, including a digital camo that gives the fabric visual depth to help disguise anglers when fishing in the flats.


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