Pelican International Invests $1.5M in Manufacturing

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Pelican International, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of kayaks, canoes, pedal boats and fishing boats, has announced that they recently invested $1.5M into their manufacturing process. Pelican uses a process called “Thermoforming” to not only increase their capacity, but also to create lighter, stronger, more durable boats at more affordable prices. The new machinery they have added to their factory in Laval, Quebec will increase their energy efficiency and promotes more efficient use of raw materials. For that, we applaud them. Any investment to save energy and decrease waste is good.

Congratulations to Pelican International, who continues to improve its products, diversify its offerings, and increase their efficiency throughout the manufacturing process. We can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next.

Below is the full text version of the press release. You can read the original version here.

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Pelican Invests $1.5M to Increase Performance and Capacity

LAVAL, QUEBEC. March 11, 2014.

LAVAL, QUEBEC. – Pelican International has been a world leader in the design and manufacture of kayaks, canoes, pedal boats and fishing boats for over 45 years. Today, the company continues to grow and is pleased to announce a major investment in its manufacturing facility in Laval, Quebec, that will significantly increase its performance and capacity.

Over the past decade, Pelican has responded to increasing demand for its products by continuously expanding its award-winning product lines and refining its manufacturing processes. Pelican was one of the first boat manufacturers in the world to use thermoforming technology, which produces lighter, stronger, more rigid products than those manufactured using other methods. Today, few competitors can match the quality, price, selection or service that Pelican offers.

In line with Pelican’s commitment to ongoing technological innovation and continuous improvement, the company’s most recent investment involved the addition of new equipment that harnesses the latest technological innovations in the field of Twin Sheet Thermoforming. Installation of the new equipment was completed in January 2014, increasing the plant’s annual production capacity by 35,000 units. The state-of-the-art control system and electronic regulator also improve energy efficiency and allow more efficient use of raw materials, while ensuring that every item produced meets Pelican’s rigorous quality standards.

Antoine Elie, C.E.O. and co-owner of Pelican International, explained, “The demand for Pelican products has increased dramatically as people have discovered the unmatched value that they offer. The acquisition of this machine will allow us to accelerate production, increase capacity, improve efficiency and provide the quality of service that our retailers deserve.”

In addition to improving the company’s performance and increasing its production capacity, Pelican’s recent acquisition has also benefitted the region of Laval, Quebec, where the company’s plant is located, by generating twenty additional local jobs.

Pelican is especially proud that as the company continues to thrive, investments such as this not only ensure that Pelican remains at the forefront of boat design and innovation, but also help limit its carbon footprint by maximizing energy efficiency and minimizing waste at every stage of its production process.

Innovation, performance and eco-consciousness – values that go into every boat Pelican puts on the water!

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