NOCQUA Adventure Gear: Lighting and Power

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NOCQUA Adventure Gear makes waterproof lighting systems which aids your angler with bringing light to the night. Easily installed, NOCQUA Adventure Gear will definitely bring a new experience to night fishing for your kayak angler an SUP enthusiast.

NOCQUA Adventure Gear products are built and designed for rugged underwater use and flexible fit on any stand up paddleboard, kayak or canoe. By lighting the water from the bottom of your kayak or SUP, the angler can create a whole new paddling experience revealing the magic of the water beneath them. Increased visibility also provides an added safety benefit. And, because they are easy to install you can take them off when you don’t want or need the light…without any damage or permanent modifications to your board, kayak or canoe.

Using LED lighting while fishing at night serves several purposes. Not only does it provide visibility for others to see you on the water, it also aids in lighting your path to your favorite fishing hole, and also helps draw in the bait fish which increases the attraction for larger species. NOCQUA Adventure Gear  features two products that we believe are perfect gift ideas: the Sport LED system and the Pro Power Kit. Both products make your angler’s night fishing experience truly more memorable.

NOCQUA Adventure Gear

Sport LED

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The NOCQUA Sport Edition is the next generation of underwater light systems for paddlers. The NOCQUA Sport is designed to make the experience even more accessible, and the NOCQUA Sport is constructed with the same flexibility as the Pro Series – able to be used on SUP, Kayak, and Canoes – but is even more versatile due to its compact size and advanced LED and battery technology. The NOCQUA Adventure Gear Sport LED system is complete with everything you need: two 600 lumen light bars, one adjustable harness plus two extension straps, one battery and one charger, one on/off switch, one Y connector, and is packaged in a durable travel case.

NOCQUA Adventure Gear

  • Bar Length: 22 inches
  • Light Color: White
  • Lumens: 36 LED lights producing 600 lumens per bar
  • Battery: 4400 mAh 12V lithium ion
  • MSRP: $199.99


Pro Power Pack


NOCQUA Adventure Gear Pro Power Pack features a 12V rechargeable power source for fish finders, depth finders and other electrical components. It has open ended connectors adaptable for powering a variety of electronic devices. The Pro Power Pack is a lightweight, long lasting and versatile battery kit developed to power electronic accessories and withstand exposure to the elements.


  • One 12V Lithium Ion Battery; 4400mAh
  • One 110V Charger
  • One 12″ Connector with open leads
  • 6″ heat shrink tubing
  • 2 heat shrink butt connectors
  • MSRP: $89.99


NOCQUA Adventure Gear is also feeling the Christmas spirit by offering a 20% off discount code and free shipping. Just use the code YAKOUTLAWS to get an even greater deal! Happy Holidays from Yak Outlaws and NOCQUA Adventure Gear!


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