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Having a comfortable PFD (Personal Floatation Device) is the most important piece of equipment a kayak angler can possess while out on the water.  As a kayak angler, you’re not required to wear your PFD at all times, but must have it within reach.  Personally, I think it’s of the utmost importance that kayak anglers wear their PFD at all times, regardless of situation, weather, water depth, or anything else.  Safety isn’t something that should be taken lightly, regardless of your experience level. 


Simply wearing a PFD could one day save your life, so it’s important that, as a kayak angler, you find the right PFD for you.  You’ll want to make sure it’s regulated to your size, and is US Coast Guard approved.  Obviously being comfortable on the water is important, but of even more importance, is safety.  There are many styles and makes of Personal Floatation Devices on the market today, with varying ranges.  I’ve worn the MTI Adventurewear brand for many years, and I swear by their construction, quality, and comfort level.

At the most recent Surf Expo in Orlando, FL. I had the pleasure of chatting with Lili Colby of MTI, and was given a full presentation of the Dio F Spec PFD.  There’s been some changes to the PFD, including new Hi-Vis colors.  I’ve had the opportunity to wear this PFD on the water for several fishing trips, and I’m amazed at it’s versatility and comfort.  The Dio F Spec comes in 2 hi-vis colors (High Vis Ripstop Yellow, Alum/Gray).  Even better, is the Dio F Spec also has reflective material on it to increase the kayak anglers visibility of being seen by others.  There are several pockets on the Dio F Spec, increasing its usability to hold several items, and also has a drop down pocket that can be used as a small workspace.  It also includes a mast holder for your portable radio.  The PFD also has a high back, which doesn’t interfere or cause discomfort when sitting in your kayak seat.  There are several points of adjustment, padded neoprene shoulders, and a mesh back to keep the angler cool on the water.

Upon initial review, the Dio F Spec looked a little bulky in the front, but after a few kayak fishing trips, I quickly found the PFD to be quite comfortable, and it did not interfere with paddling, casting, or any other movements needed to made while sitting or standing in my kayak.  The mesh and high back of the PFD easily cleared several different types of fishing kayaks, and left me feeling uninhibited.  There are 2 main pockets on the PFD, easily enough room to carry extra bags of plastic lures, my Fish Grip, and my pliers.  I’ve mostly worn the inflatable style of PFD, but found the Dio F Spec to be extremely comfortable to use while kayak fishing.

For more information on the Dio F Spec pfd and other fishing PFD’s from MTI Adventurewear, visit their website at:


Dio F SpecWEB806D[1]

  • Fully loaded F SPEC outfitting now in HIGH VIS  YELLOW
  • Pockets with internal organizers, removable fly  patch, whistle, & radio mast portal
  • 6 points of adjustment,  padded neoprene  shoulders, and reflective
  • Mesh back clears even the highest kayak seat
  • Buoyancy:   Minimum    16 lb 5 oz
  • MSRP: $120



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  1. Andy Jade Cameron says:

    Nice to read about another high capacity fishing-specific PFD. Too few offerings in this genre; your review made me think twice about going with the status quo. Nice writing, brother!

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