My Last Trip for 2014

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With 2014 coming to a close, I had to get in one last trip in the kayak. Of course, I had some new product to test out, so that was my excuse to the wife for my last trip of 2014.Normally, I have a couple weeks off around the holiday season, and I usually take full advantage of the opportunity to spend as much time as possible on the water in my kayak.  Unfortunately, a nasty bug hit my family and we were all sick and unable to sneak out for some quality fishing time. Once I finally rid myself of the flu, I jumped at the opportunity for my last trip of the year.


Morning sunrise


As stated before, I had some new toys to play with and was dying to get out on the water.  You know what I mean.  We get new fishing gear, and we’re like a kid in a candy store, ready to dive right in. I’d had these new toys for about a week, and it was painful not being able to spend some time on the water playing.  The new year was also quickly approaching, and if I wanted a last trip, I had to jump at the first opportunity. That opportunity came on the last Sunday of the year, the 28th of December.  This would indeed be the last trip of the year for me, as Mother Nature reared her head and     brought about some blustering winds for the last couple of days of 2014.

I invited an old fishing buddy (Aaron) and a newcomer (Joe) to our sport to head out to one of my favorite fishing spots of the year. My plan for my last trip was pretty simple.  I wanted to take a leisurely paddle out to my favorite redfish spot, kick back, and simply catch fish. To be honest, the past couple of weeks had been brutal, and I honestly didn’t know if I had the strength to go all out on my last trip of the year.  So with the plan in mind, we set off early Sunday morning in search of a great fishing trip.


solid 27″ redfish

We arrived at the launch, quickly unloaded our gear, and started off in the direction of the “spot”. Once we arrived at the creek opening to our destination, I decided to pitch at an oyster mound while Aaron and Joe worked the mouth of the creek for some trout. Aaron struck quickly with a small speckled sea trout.  I pitched a popping cork baited with some shrimp at the oyster mound and gave it a quick pop.  I set the rod down in my kayak to set up my GoPro, when all of a sudden a redfish slammed the bait, and almost yanked the rod off the kayak.  I barely caught the rod before it went overboard, and starting fighting the fish.  It had a few good runs, and I knew it was a decent fish.  A perfect way to start out my last trip of the year!  I finally got the fish to the yak, and measured it.  First fish on my last trip was a solid 27″ redfish, and it gave my Okuma TCS rod & Okuma Cedros reel a great workout.


Aaron with a slot redfish


We worked a few more oyster mounds on the way back to the spot with no luck.  Upon arriving at the spot, we all noticed that the tide was out much more than what we initially anticipated, so we packed up and moved on to try some other areas.  Aaron spooked out a nice school of large redfish on the way out and a small pod of dolphins pretty much nixed any chance of our finding them again.  We moved out a little further in search of fish.  Aaron and Joe worked an oyster mound at a nice creek entrance while I worked my way back to an old spot I hadn’t fished in quite some time.


Aaron & Joe doubled up with redfish


I landed several smaller redfish and a couple of small trout.  Aaron called me stating they’d found a nice school of redfish, so I packed up and paddled over.  Both Aaron and Joe had both landed quality slot redfish, and we grabbed a couple quick photos.  We fished a little while longer, but the bite seemed to die off a bit.  I was pretty pleased with how my last trip of 2014 had gone.  We all caught some quality fish, and enjoyed some laughs on the water.  I called it a day soon afterwards, and paddled back to head in for lunch.  It was a great day on the water and a great last trip of the year.

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