Money Badger: Berkley’s Newest Crankbait

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New Berkley crankbait, Money Badger, delivers aggressive tail thumping, balsa-like roll action tailored to both walleye, bass and crappie anglers.

Honey Badger

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Expanding on its stellar line of hard baits, Berkley announces the addition of the highly versatile, multispecies Money Badger crankbait. Designed to excel in casting and trolling, the Money Badger also boasts a clicking sound profile that helps to deliver sound and action. This compact bait delivers a rod shaking, tail-thumping and balsa-like movement that anglers can appreciate.
The tungsten weight transfer system provides extended casting distance as well as accuracy. The Money Badger can be fished slow or at maximum speeds without blowing out due to the embedded line tie system which delivers incredibly stable tracking and an immediate recovery after a pause. Whether you are casting the bait to bass or trolling the bait for walleye, the optimized bill design will maintain contact with structure and rocks with minimal hang-up and each bait comes stocked with sticky sharp Fusion19 hooks.

Key Features
• Maximum hard thumping and vibration with amplified side roll to draw in fish from a distance
• Tungsten weight transfer in three larger sizes for maximum casting distance
• Clicking sound profile is tuned to deliver the perfect balance of sound and action
• Hybrid baitfish-crawfish design delivers slow rise so the bait hangs on the pause
• Versatile bait can be cast or trolled and fished fast or slow without blowing out
• Embedded line tie delivers incredible stable tracking at all speeds with immediate recovery after pause
• Patented FlashDisc technology improves tracking stability and accuracy with a true balsa-like action
• Designed to crawl over rocks and wood
• Equipped with stout and sticky sharp Fusion19 hooks
The new Berkley Money Badger models include:
• 4 cm – diving 4 to 7 feet
• 5 cm – diving 8 to 10 feet
• 6.25 cm – diving 9 to 11 feet
• 6.75 cm – diving 10 to 12 feet
• 7.25 cm – diving 11 to 13 feet
Colors: Black Gold • Black Silver • Blaze • Korey’s Candy • Firetail Green Craw • Firetiger • FX Shad • Ghost Green Craw • Ghost Morning Dawn • Ghost Red Craw • Killer Craw • Northern Lights • Perch • Pink Pearl • Purple Glimmer • Root Beer Craw • Special Red Craw • Spring Craw • Sunset 84 • Vanilla Chartreuse
MSRP: $7.99 – 4cm & 5cm • $8.99 – 6.26cm, 6.75cm & 7.25cm
Available: September 2022

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