Kayak Paddle: Angler Pro from Bending Branches

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The one piece of equipment every kayak angler needs to get out on the water is a quality kayak paddle. We’ve spent time testing the new Angler Pro from Bending Branches and share our thoughts below.


When you think of high quality kayak paddles, you immediately think of Bending Branches, which has won kayak paddle of the year for the past 5 years straight in the kayak angler choice awards. There’s a reason for this, simply put Bending Branches has some of the best kayak paddle choices on the market.

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We’ve spent some time using the Angler Pro from Bending Branches in the Radiant-Blue style out on the water for the past few months. This paddle performs better than any paddle we’ve used in the past. Super light, durable, cuts into the water with an easy paddle stroke. You name it and this paddle performs. To say that I absolutely love this kayak paddle would be the understatement of the year. This new and updated kayak paddle from Bending Branches is simply amazing.

The blades on the Angler Pro feature a multi-laminate fiberglass which is lighter than comparable paddles, larger than previous generations Angler Pro paddles, and has a smooth forward stroke. Cutting through the water is easy with the new Angler Pro kayak paddle. The shaft is 100% carbon fiber, giving you less stress on your shoulders and arms. The weight of the Angler Pro kayak paddle is 28.5oz. This paddle is super light and allows you to paddle all day without feeling any fatigue.

There are three (3) design patterns to choose from with the new Angler Pro: Dorado, Radiant, or Raptor. Another great feature on the Angler Pro is a 40 inch tape measure on the shaft, which allows the angler to take quick measurements once a fish is landed. The Angler Pro is a 2 piece paddle with a snap button ferrule making stowage easy and simple.

If you’re in the market for a new kayak paddle, then we highly recommend giving the new Angler Pro from Bending Branches a try. We guarantee that you’ll fall in love with this paddle and demand it go on every kayak fishing trip you take.




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