Kayak Gear Storage Solutions For Your Garage

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Kayak gear storage solutions is something we all contend with from time to time. How do we store our kayaks in our garage? Where do we hang up our fishing rods so we avoid broken tips or busted eyes. Our good friend, JD Desrosiers, shares with us some simple solutions for kayak gear storage, along with some lesser known companies who make this solution easier.

Kayak Gear Storage

In our busy world of kayak fishing it is often hard to find time to figure out to properly store and transport your kayaks, paddles, and fishing rods. I would like to introduce to you three proper and amazing way to conquer all of these problems. After countless hours of searching to find the best way to store my boats and gear I have found three killer companies that get this completed with ease.

Boonedox is a pretty well known name in the kayak industry for their innovative products. What a good many folks do not realize is that this southeastern company has been around for a decade and is a subsidiary of a furniture company called Jericho Palms, based out of Thomasville, NC. Boonedox was formed after years of brainstorming and seeing that there was a great demand for a company to make high-end gear and components at an affordable price point.

Kayak Gear

First up from Boonedox is their bullet proof and extremely sturdy Yak Rack. The Yak Rack helps protect our dear investments, while saving valuable space and money. These bad boys are rust proof, powder coated steel. You can attach the Yak Rack to any structure you chose with (4) 3” bolts. The support bars are a whooping 36” long and there is 20”in between the bars. This means you can fit any size fishing kayak on these racks. I have my set lagged into studs in my garage utilizing the (4) 3” bolts provide, and I believe I could put an elephant on these racks. I have no issue at all storing my Wilderness Systems kayaks.

kayak gear

Another imaginary product from Boonedox is their T-Bone bed extender. I cannot say enough about how much I love this product, and I have put many, many miles on my T-Bone over the last year. Super easy to use and potent is the T-Bone’s middle name. The T-Bone comes in 2 eye catching colors Lime and Red, and instantly adds 4’ to your truck bed. Adapts into any 2” receiver, and is made of Air Craft aluminum guaranteed not to rust. The innovative curved radial arm helps add ground clearance, and the T-Bone is height adjustable to help keep your kayak in line with the bed of your truck. The crossbar is 5’ wide and can support 300lbs! I have personally hauled two fishing kayaks using my T-Bone, and have had zero issue arise while shuttling to and from fishing locations.

kayak gear

The second company I like to feature is the Suspenz Kayak Work Station based out of Atlanta, Georgia. The portable and affective kayak stands come in 26” and 34” heights. Suspenz created an industry buzz when in 2002 Thom Alderman designed these racks to help him store all of his boats. With no real good solution out there at the time Alderman took his design to industry leaders Wilderness Systems, Dagger, Perception, and Current Sport and with their input the design was tweaked to offer a solid, safe, and easy-to-use design. I often use my Suspenz Kayak Work Stations at demo days, clinics, or fishing events. These lightweight racks only weigh 11lbs, and are made from T6 6063 Aluminum. Great for all types of boats, fishing kayaks, sea kayaks, rec boats, and canoes. The kayak rest on removable canvas slings or on foam padding, and the canvas is UV resistant and there is no assemble required. “Good Design is a renaissance attitude that combines modern material, simplicity, ease, human need, and beauty to produce something the world did not know it was missing.”

kayak gear

The last company is a well kept secret out of Asheville, North Carolina, Garage Authority. After recently building our new house I needed a way to safely and effectively store my fishing rods. My wife and I meet the owners of Garage Authority at a Home and Garden show, and as I explained what I was looking for the owners eyes glowed with excitement. Between all of us we came up with an awesome way to get my fishing rods off the ground, and hanging safely out of the way.

kayak gear

Our solution was to use Garage Authority’s 4’8’ Grey Slat Wall, and 3 sets of their Padded Rod Holders. The best part about using the Slat Wall is the entire system is customizable to your needs. The slats allow you to move and place any of their accessories anywhere on the wall that best suits your desires. With the 3 Padded Rod Holders I can hold up to 12 rod and reel combos vertically or horizontally. To top it all off we used (2) 9” long Padded Hooks to suspend my AT kayak paddles. Not only does this product look astonishing, but it solved my problem better than I could have ever thought!

kayak gear

I hope these three forward thinking companies help you solve the dear old problem of how you are going to store your kayaks and gear. From affordability to thinking outside the box these Southeastern companies have the right ideas for your needs. Be sure to take a few minutes and check out Boonedox, Suspenz, and Garage Authority for your storage needs.


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