Kayak fish? Why we do it.

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Why do we kayak fish?  It’s a great question, and the answer would seem to be pretty obvious with the growing majority of us.  Kayak fishing is easily the fastest growing recreational sports in the United States.  What started out simply as an affordable means to get out on the water for those who didn’t want to drop a few thousand dollars on a fishing boat, has turned into a fast growing means for folks to enjoy fishing and getting out in the outdoors.

So why do we kayak fish? For some it’s the opportunity to compete in fishing tournaments.  For others it’s simply a way to get out on the water, and chase some fish.  For many of us, it’s become a way of life.  A passion that grows with each trip to our favorite creek, lake, pond, beach, or river. How do we know kayak fishing is one of the fastest growing sports around?  That’s a pretty simple question to answer.  All you have to do is simply take a look around.  There are a great number of kayaks available on the market, tons of kayak fishing clubs popping up around the country, and our tournaments have reached astronomical heights.


kayak fishing club in east Tennessee

For many of us, kayak fishing was a means to venture out away from the shoreline, the beach, or the dock.  We wanted to venture out, explore, and go find the fish. We started out mostly making our own gear; DIY stake out poles and camera poles.  We spend hours in our garages adding new accessories like tracks, rod holders, Power Pole Micros, etc.  Kayak Fishing is our passion.  But why is it a passion?  How did we allow ourselves to get so immersed in fishing from a plastic boat?


Kayak fishing with family

That, my friends, is the question.  It’s a little harder to explain, but not impossible to answer.  Kayak fishing is a community.  It’s something we can all find common ground in.  It doesn’t matter if you’re paddling or pedaling.  It doesn’t matter if you throw artificial lures or throw live bait. We all love fishing from our kayaks. It gives us the chance to get out on the water with family and friends, enjoy nature and the great outdoors.  It gives us the chance to have a little fun with an old buddy and rib him a little if he’s not catching them up like you are.  It allows us to introduce newcomers to the sport, and it allows us the opportunity to help out a buddy get out on the water.


introducing kids to kayak fishing

Take a look on social media, on your local kayak club forums, or at any particular kayak launch on any given day, and there’s one thing you’ll find… one angler helping out another angler.  We offer advice to each other, little helpful tidbits to help a fellow yak angler enjoy a better day on the water.  We offer a newcomer to the sport one of our extra yaks so they can check it out and get out on the water. We invite complete strangers over to our homes to help them add an anchor trolley.

Kayak fishing is a sport that we can all get out and enjoy.  It’s a passion we can share with our family, our husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend.  It’s a passion that we can share with our children.  It offers us the ability to escape from the everyday hustle and bustle.  It gives us an opportunity to decompress over tough times.  The serenity of being out on the water gives us time to reflect and relax.  Kayak fishing lets us explore, witness new places, and chase new species of fish.  It’s an amazing sport where we can grab our yak, throw it on top of our car or in the back of our truck and just go find a new destination. Kayak fishing opens up a window to exhilarating experiences.


telling fishing stories amongst fellow yakkers

So why do we do all of these things?  The answer is simple.  We’re promoting the sport of kayak fishing.  It doesn’t matter if you’re tall or short, this color or that color, this nationality or that nationality, practice this religion or that religion.  We’re all kayak anglers and we all love to kayak fish.  It’s that simple.  Kayak fishing is an amazing sport, one where we get to enjoy the outdoors, witness nature in all its glory, catch some fish, and help out our fellow yak angler all at the same time.  So I ask the question again… why do we kayak fish?  We kayak fish because it’s our passion, and there’s no better feeling than launching that yak and paddling to a new destination and catching a personal best fish.  Of course, sharing that moment with family or friends only makes it that much better.

Why do we kayak fish?  Because we can!  We love kayak fishing and we love sharing our passion of the sport.  That’s why we kayak fish!

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