IceMule: High Performance Coolers

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IceMule Coolers are portable coolers which hold ice for at least 24 hours, are leak proof, and even float. Unlike other soft coolers, the IceMule is not sewn together and it has no zippers. Instead, the IceMule design is based on the traditional dry bag concept and utilizes welded seams so the cooler can carry the ice without leaking.

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What makes the IceMule a high-performance cooler is the double-layered shell that houses insulating foam between the layers. In essence, the IceMule cooler is an incredibly well insulated dry bag. IceMule also incorporates a watertight roll-up closure and a side release buckle making it easily accessible, and the padded strap makes it highly portable.

We tested the IceMule cooler in several capacities, and walked away very impressed with its portability and ability to keep our drinks cold, whether it be kayak fishing, or simply spending the day out with the family at a theme park. The IceMule cooler was able to hold plenty of ice and bottled waters and Gatorade for our day long fishing trips. The IceMule cooler fit extremely well whether fishing out of my Native Slayer 13 Propel or Wilderness Systems ATAK 140 kayak. I simply set the IceMule cooler in my front hatch, and had easy access to a cold drink whenever it was needed.


The IceMule cooler held its ice and kept our drinks cold all day long, and never leaked a bit. The IceMule cooler was also very portable, simply put it on like a backpack while I loaded our gear for the kayak fishing launch. We also tested the IceMule cooler on an extended weekend visiting the Disney parks in Orlando, Florida. What I found impressive was the IceMule was able to withstand the August heat of Florida, and keep our drinks and snacks cold all day long without any issue. Even wearing the IceMule cooler as a backpack for hours on end walking around the park gave me no discomfort at all.

If you’re looking for a very portable cooler which will hold ice all day long, keep your drinks cold on your next adventure, and won’t cost you several hundred dollars, then we highly recommend the IceMule cooler! With several sizes and price points, you’ll definitely find an IceMule to suit your needs!


IceMule Pro Cooler

  • 17″ tall, 14″ wide, 11″ deep (when closed)
  • Capacity = 18 cans plus ice
  • TriFold DriTopTM System. Foolproof seal to keep ice in and air out.
  • MuleSkinETTM and MuleSkinEVTM. Tough 1000 denier Outer layer for exceptional strength and durability; heavy-duty inner layer 2X thicker than most soft coolers.
  • ComfortCarryIMPTM System. Reinforced back-straps and plus ventilated back pads provide ultimate comfort for long-range excursions.
  • PolarLayerTM Insulation. Keeps contents “IceMule Cold” for up to 24 hours.
  • IM AirValveTMAllows for insulation layer air removal so the coller can roll up for storage in its stuff sack.
  • MSRP: $99.99


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