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On July 11-13th the first ever Mariner Sails Kayak Fishing Club Hybrid Camp took place on beautiful Lake Cooper, Texas. The location was the South Sulphur Unit of the Lake Cooper State Park. Although some of our group showed up way early in the week the majority of us showed up Friday and began to setup our camp. It was really hot with temps in the upper 90’s and very little breeze.

hybrid camp 1

Base Camp

In spite of the temps we rallied that evening and began strategizing how the weekend would play out. There were topo maps laid out on the table along with GPS units and a variety of cell phones with Navionics loaded on them. Rick and Robert began by explaining how to read the maps and Navionics, and pointing out areas on the lake where hybrids can typically be found. By the time that discussion was over it was dinner time so we dispersed to our various places where we might find food, then we all adjourned to our campsites to turn in for the night.

The next morning we resumed our discussion on maps and Navionics and most everyone downloaded the navionics application to their phones for later use. We shared several “hot spots” that have been productive in the past and then moved on to baits and tackle. Samples of soft plastic baits, jigs, and hard baits such as Rattle Traps and a variety of blade type bits were shown. We discussed how to properly fish each of the baits shown in a variety of water depths and conditions. Since some of the participants had intentions of fly fishing, Jerry shared what flies might be good for hybrids and how to effectively fish them. We then discussed how the informal tournament would work and explained the few rules that would apply. The plan was CPR (unless they wanted to keep some for a meal), minimum of 18 inches, and the best 5 fish wins. There would be a first and second place and a big fish winner. At that point everyone was free to go and begin fishing and return to the meeting spot at 8:00 PM for the weigh-in.

We all met back at camp at 8:00 PM and tallied the weigh-in results.

The results were as follows:

1st Place – Rick Hall with 5 fish for a total of 108.25 inches

2nd Place – Robert Broxton with 4 fish for a total of 88.75 inches

Big Fish – Robert Broxton measuring in at 25 inches

hybrid camp 2

Big Fish

Rick took home a $100 Mariner Sails gift certificate for 1st Place. Robert chose to donate his $100 Mariner Sails gift certificate to Heroes on the Water but did take home a Bait Snake Light for his Big Fish award. After the weigh-in it was decided that due to the heat we would go to Sulphur Springs to a restaurant for dinner as a group and some decided to pack up and go home. All reports point to everyone having a good time and catching fish on the weekend camping trip.

photo 2

The goal of the “Camps” is to educate each other about the various ways of kayak fishing for different species, and the use of a variety of different tackle, lures, and/or live baits.
This goal is accomplished by sharing not only the tackle, bait, and tactics but by sharing when, where, and how to catch bigger and more fish from a kayak.

photo 3

Thanks all who have devoted their time, expertise, efforts, and monies to make these camps such a huge success.  The Hybrid Camp held at Lake Cooper, Texas was an amazing success, and many kayak anglers learned a great deal from the Camp.  We’re already looking forward to the next camp held by the Mariner Sails Kayak Fishing Club.

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  1. Ed Perry says:

    Great article, Jerry! Love your camper setup.

  2. Jerry Hamon says:

    Thanks Ed! We have really enjoyed it!

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