Hoo-rag face shields

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There are countless face shields, bandanas, neck gaiters, skull masks,etc. on the market, and I recently received a few from Hoo-rag to test out.  When I look for a face shield, one of the most important features is will it protect my face and neck from the sun, wind, and bugs.  It needs to fit tightly enough so I don’t worry about it falling down, but also be long enough to protect my neck from the sun, and those irritating bites of gnats, mosquitos, etc. 

Hoo-Rag recently sent me a few skull masks to check out and review.  One particular style truly caught my attention and to be honest, I couldn’t wait to get it and get out on the water. This particular style of Hoo-rag was the Marine Corps bandana. It was the Motivator Blue/White bandana and I immediately fell in love.  I had to only wait a couple of days to get the chance to hit the water and test it out.  This past Sunday morning was my chance to test it out and get some great pictures.  The Motivator fit great.  It fit snugly on my face, but not to the point where I felt uncomfortable.  It was a great length as it covered my face easily as well as came down long enough to cover my entire neck. I was able to wear the Hoo-rag bandana all day long without any discomfort, which is a huge plus.


Motivator USMC bandana from Hoo-rag

What I truly love about the Hoo-rag brand is the amount of style and design choices that you can choose from.  There’s a large catalog to choose from and I believe you’d be hard pressed to not find a style or color choice to fit your needs and desires.  Check out Hoo-rag on their website for a great selection of face shields to protect yourself the next time you’re on the water!



Hoo-rag USMC Motivator bandana

Hoo-rag is made of 100% moisture wicking polyester microfiber. With a heavy emphasis on a secure fitting, extremely soft material the Hoo-rag is being sold worldwide and ensures it stands up to the harshest elements. Get yours and put it through it paces. Our bandanas can be worn in a multitude of configurations.

  • UPF Rated 20- 30
  • 100% Polyester Microfiber
  • 9.5″ WIDE x 20″ LONG
  • Moisture Wicking
  • One size fits all
  • MSRP: $15.95
Hoo-rag face shield

hooked up while wearing the Hoo-rag USMC Motivator bandana


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