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We asked Feelfree Kayaks Pro Staff Team Member Sibley “Scrib” Perry his thoughts on the Moken 14 fishing kayak from Feelfree.  Below are his thoughts…

Sleek, stable, and even sexy are words that could be used to describe the Feelfree Kayaks Moken 14. I simply just call it a kayak anglers dream from the sleek and fast tri-hull to the ample storage on deck and below. Even the small nuances such as built it tie-down straps on the rear tank well for securing your crate or cooler makes this is a very angler friendly kayak, and you can tell it was designed by fishermen for fishermen.  Just walking up to it a few things will jump out at you. One of the first being the wheel in the keel. It makes moving this kayak around on hard ground a breeze. Just grab the front handle and wheel it around. I will say that on loose ground such as sand the wheel is not as helpful. When that problem arises just use your stand assist leash on the front handle and pull it. Speaking of the handles, that’s another noticeable thing about the Moken series. The handles are molded into the kayak making them very sturdy. No more nylon handles dry rotting and breaking on you at the worst time. On the rear, the handles are recessed on each side, and they have added a handle on top to make it easier to grab.

I mentioned storage earlier, and wow does the Moken 14 provide lots of it. Starting at the front you have a large hatch that provides easy access to inside the hull. Plenty of room in there to store dry bags, battery boxes or slide in rods. The hatch is sealed with a nice o-ring and when closed is secured with the locking turn latches. Moving behind the front hatch topside you will see two small recessed areas between the front hatch and center hatch. One on each side. These give you an area to store small tackle boxes or possibly your battery box for electronics.  The center hatch is rectangular and hinged. It swings open away from the angler providing ample dry storage and makes it easy for the angler to reach items. This area does not allow access to the hull which, in my opinion, is one of the best features of this kayak. You can toss in your wallet,  keys; whatever you need to keep dry. In my case, I keep my “go to” baits there for easy access. Behind the seat you will find a small circular hatch providing more access to inside the hull. Once again a good place to store a small dry bag with possibly a first aid kit or store your navigation light when not needed. The rear tank well provides plenty of room to carry your gear. I’m able to place a crate plus a cooler with no problem. On each side towards the front of the tank well there is a strap to secure your cooler or crate. A nice addition for those rough days offshore. The tank well also has a bungee system that is adjustable due to it being secured with hooks that slide on the built in rail system.

Speaking of the rail system. You will find one on both sides running the legnth of the cockpit, as well as, the last two thirds of the tank well. Feelfree has designed mounts called uni track mounts that you can us to attach your rod holders, electronics, cameras,  or anything else you need. The mounts come predrilled so adding a scotty, ram, or railblaza mount is a breeze. The uni track locks in place use two locking cams so you can adjust or remove the mounts in seconds. Feelfree has also designed a mounting bar called the uni bar that attaches to either side of the kayak on the rails. This provides the angler with a mounting bar to attach the uni tracks to. You will also find two flush mount rod holders on the Moken 14. Mounted behind the seat, one on each side, and there is room to add two more flush mounts to each side as well. Also found on each side to the rear of the seat is molded cup holders, which is a nice place to keep a water bottle while on the water. The Moken 14 also has a paddle keeper molded on both sides of the kayak that uses a bungee to keep the paddle secured.

Ok, enough of the visual stuff. Lets get down to how the Moken 14 paddles and handles. First off, lets talk about the Kingfisher seat. I can’t say enough on just how comfortable this seat is. It provides plenty of padding for a long day on the water. The seat also provides a nice high back for comfort. Now that your sitting in comfort lets get to paddling. With the Moken 14, you will notice it tracks very straight as you would expect from a kayak of its length. You will also notice that it gets up to speed fairly quick and can really cut through the water and good speed. At 30 inches wide, the Moken 14 is plenty stable. Actually, Feelfree has provided a built in standing deck. Directly in front of the seat is a cushioned standing platform, making sight casting for redfish on the flats an enjoyable time. At 14 foot the Moken 14 is not going to turn on a dime, and that’s where the optional smart track rudder comes in to play. The rudder is controlled using toe controls mounted on top of the foot pegs. This setup allows for the foot pegs to still be adjustable without loosing your rudder controls.  This is another ingenious design on the Moken 14.

With all this being said there is really only one way to fully get an idea of how well thought out the Moken 14 is. You just have to get out on the water in one and experience it. Not every kayak is going to be right for you and you are not going to be right for every kayak. So get out there and experience the Feelfree way and see for yourself.

Feelfree Kayaks – Moken 14Moken-14-48-1368489923[1]

  • Length: 14’8″
  • Width: 30″
  • Weight: 76lbs
  • Capacity: 432lbs
  • MSRP:$1199


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