Epic Family Trip On The Water 2020

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Ya know, sometimes the stars align and the fish Gods are appeased. When this happens, you’re perfectly set up for an amazing day on the water. Scratch that, what we experienced can only be described as EPIC!

We’d been dying to get out on the water since Christmas. Santa was pretty good to our clan as everyone in the family got new kayaks. I got a Hobie Pro Angler 14, wife got a Native Slayer 13 Propel, and both our sons each got a simple little kayak so they too could get out on the water.

Ready to hit the water!

The only problem was Mother Nature had other plans. It didn’t seem to matter how the weather looked all week, the weekend forecast always seems to be either rainy or windy as hell. When we did have a nice weekend to get out, there were already other plans set up.

That finally all changed one weekend, Sunday February 16th to be exact. The temps outside were great, a perfect breeze, and the tides were set up pretty good. Everything was lined up, all we needed was one epic redfish bite to make it perfect.

Gavin testing out his new kayak

My youngest son, Gavin, was excited the most as he had finally got his own kayak and after a few minutes of getting his bearings at the launch, we set off for our spots for the day. We took our time getting back to the area we wanted to fish, not rushing the boys, and letting them get their legs under them in their new kayaks.

Gavin with his first redfish of 2020

As soon as we got set up, it was on fire! It almost seemed as though the redfish were waiting on us to get there so we could kick off 2020 with an epic day of fishing. Gavin struck first with a stud slot redfish and before long, everybody was hooked up. We started off counting as if in a competition. Garrett and I versus Kaycee and Gavin, and before we knew it were we neck and neck at 13 redfish each team.

Garrett’s first redfish of 2020

The redfish bite had become so epic that we quickly nixed the competition and started shooting for higher numbers. Gavin said let’s see if we can catch 40 redfish. Once we hit that number, we jumped up to a goal of 50! It was such an epic bite! We were catching redfish left and right with each cast it seemed. We’d be doubled up on redfish at a time, and several times we were tripled up. Poor Kaycee couldn’t catch a break with how fast Garrett, Gavin, and I were hooking up.

Garrett with a beautiful redfish

Before it was over we’d tallied up 73 redfish and 2 small black drum. It was an amazing day of epic catching, and the smiles across everyone’s face told the tale of the kind of day we had all just experienced. It was the perfect way to break in the new year on the water as a family. We can’t wait for our next epic day of kayak fishing!

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