Demo Day With Kaku Kayak New VooDoo SUP

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Kaku Kayak is loved by it’s fans for its originality and quality fishing platforms and have now added the Voodoo fishing SUP. The Voodoo is an impressive looking fishing SUP, and we recently took advantage of the opportunity to spend some time on the water with the Voodoo during a demo day.

demo day

St. Augustine Paddle Sports had recently set up a demo with Kaku Kayak to introduce anglers in NE Florida with Kaku’s latest creation, the Voodoo SUP. Kaku has received great fanfare with their Wahoo line of kayaks and their Kahuna SUP prior. The Kaku line has always offered great performance, stability, and an affordable price which all adds to the massive fan base. We’ve fished from both the Wahoo and Kahuna and loved both fishing platforms. The chance to “play” with the Voodoo was something we simply could not pass up.

First impressions of the Voodoo were simply “wow”. It’s definitely very appealing to the eyes once you first see it. The Voodoo is 13′ long and 35″ wide. It’s truly a great looking Stand Up Paddleboard. You automatically notice updates with the Voodoo than what you’ve been accustomed to with prior Kaku models. The design of the SUP is very smooth and the tri-hull design offers unmatched stability. Imagine a kayak hull yet a SUP top and you have the Voodoo. The Kahuna was greatly popular and anyone who loved the Kahuna will be head over heels with the new Voodoo.

A larger front hatch gives anglers more inside storage for extra gear. The side handles are now molded which gives the angler a stronger point with which to carry the Voodoo. In the rear of the vessel are 5, yes 5 molded areas for power pole mounts, or you can put double power poles as well as a trolling motor mount or other battery propelled device. There are lots of track areas on the Voodoo giving the angler tons of rigging options for rod holders, camera mounts, etc.

The icing on the cake with the Voodoo by far is the new seat design from Kaku Kayaks. I’ll admit that I was at first skeptical when I first heard of the seat, but upon seeing the seat and using it, I was simply blown away. The chair itself feels a tad wider giving the angler a much more comfortable ride. What is unique with the Voodoo is the options with the seat. The seat is unique in that it has a “perch” at the top of the backrest. This opens up so many different riding positions for the angler. Now with this new seat design, the angler can sit in the chair in the conventional sense, or the angler can stand on the seat for that added height for sight fishing, or the angler can sit on top of the perch which still offers added height.

So now that all the technical details are out of the way, let me tell you what I really think of the new offering from Kaku Kayaks. The stability is ridiculous! I know many anglers who are skeptical of fishing aboard a Stand Up Paddleboard, but one time on the Voodoo and those hesitations go flying right out of the window. The Voodoo offers amazing stability. At one point, I had my 8yr old son standing towards the front of the SUP casting while I was sitting on the perch and paddling us around and never once were there any trepidation from either of us. The seat on the Voodoo is amazing. To say I loved the seat and all of its options would simply be the understatement of a lifetime. Comfortable, practical, and very user friendly regardless of the seating position.

Now the Voodoo won’t win you any races on the water, but it over-compensates with the stability and fishing ability on the water. At around 77lbs, the weight is what I’ve come to expect from a SUP of this quality. But, with a capacity of 450lbs, I know I can carry a ton of gear yet still not worry about reaching the capacity.

The Voodoo is expected to be available to dealers in December, which is just in time for an amazing Christmas present for your special angler. Trust me, my wife has already been informed that I want one for myself now!


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