Culprit Water Dragon: Built To Dominate Bass

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One of the new lures being unveiled at this summer’s ICAST show will be the Culprit Water Dragon lure, which is designed to dominate the bass. With it’s impressing design, the Water Dragon from Culprit Lures is sure to excite any bass you come across. With an array of colors, the Culprit Water Dragon will soon become a fan favorite amongst kayak bass fishing anglers.


The Water Dragon is designed to impress from head to tail. With its unique form and diverse function, it has many more action features than a standard lizard. First the head is designed with gills and gill filaments for a new look and extra gliding function on Carolina rigs. The body is filled with detail and contour to make a more realistic presentation, reflecting light in many directions and breaking up the image. Features include raised ribs for exposing your hook, a lateral line that can be easily adapted with a marker-style pen for added color, and a large flat spot on the tail that really pushes water and creates a seductive tail wave.

The rear legs were designed larger than the front for more action – especially in a nose-down posture while Texas-rigged. The heavier rear half of the lure allows the bait to be cast and pitched more accurately and provides additional flotation for Carolina and Texas rigs. This bait literally waves at the fish on a Texas rig – taunting them.

Available in 7-inch, 8-count resealable bags, colors include; Watermelon Pearl Belly, Sapphire Blue, Okeechobee, Swamp Juice, June Bug, Watermelon, Carolina Bug, Green Pumpkin Blue Flake, Bama Bug, Black Neon, Watermelon Red Flake and Green Pumpkin.

Suggested retail price: $5.29


About Culprit

Classic Fishing Products, Inc. began in 1977 in the garage of an avid Angler named Rodney B. Dann.  When Rodney B. Dann introduced the now infamous Culprit Original Worm, it was the first-ever soft-plastic “ribbon tail” worm that featured one color on the top of the bait and a different color on the bottom.  The two color process is now what the fishing industry refers to as a laminate color.  Rodney was well known in the area for his fishing expertise and his “Culprit Original Worm” featuring laminate colors and a ribbon tail was immediately accepted by fishermen knowing it was designed by a fisherman.

In 1995, Classic Fishing Products, Inc. diversified the product line by adding their successful line of RipTide saltwater soft-plastics made for fishing all in-shore species of fish.

It’s been many decades since those days in Rodney’s garage back in 1977 and Classic Fishing Products now resides in a 3,400 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Clermont, FL shared by its’ sister company, Cind-Al Manufacturing.  It services the Wholesaler, Mom and Pop Retailer, Mass Merchant and most important, the end user – the consumer.  Along with the fact that 100% of the lures are made in the USA, the facility continues to stimulate the local economy and employ members of the community and its surrounding cities.

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