Christmas for the Kayak Bass Fisherman

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Avid kayak angler, Charles Daugherty, shares with us his perfect Christmas wish list for the kayak bass angler. We have to admit, there is some sweet gear on this list!

You’ve been good ALL year.  You mowed the lawn and raked the leaves. You sat through another movie about someone in love or something and more love and blah blah blah. You may have even went to visit that relative you didn’t want to go see (we all have one) TWICE, because your wife made you – just kidding, love you babe.  Now it’s time for it all to pay off and let this be the year that Santa brings you something other than a crumby tie! Before your loved ones, or the big guy in the red coat, go jumping to conclusions and buy/bring you another knitted sweater or fruitcake, I’d like to share some of my must haves on the water and how to make your loved ones shopping easier! Gently remind your loving family, I AM A KAYAK FISHERMAN!  So, before you lay your head down to count bass this Christmas Eve and wake up to disappointment Christmas morning, here’s a list of some tips, tricks, and products that will blow away that special someone this holiday season.  Cut, paste, and show them so they can’t go wrong!

Terminal Tackle:  This is one thing all fisherman will always need, specifically hooks and weights. There are so many options, so it is best to ask which technique the fisherman in your life uses the most. Even with some information, this can be confusing to that special shopper in your life that may not know what you need. I say make it simple!  Go online with your cell phone, pre-fill a fake order of size/name brand/type, take a screen shot, and send it to your loved one, I mean Santa (he has emails and text now!).   If all else fails, you can never go wrong with walking into your local tackle shop and asking what the local fishermen are buying and using. If that doesn’t work, you can go get him a couple of packs of Gamakatsu 3/0 hooks and you’ll be thanked!


Soft Plastics:  Bass fisherman, this is your life line. Worms, and crawdads, and trailers, OH MY!  If we were to walk into our local tackle shop, it’s like seeing that shiny red bike under the tree!!!  BUT your wife, girlfriend, mom, significant other, or Auntie Gertrude may not have a clue!  I find it helpful to use the terminal tackle method or go old school and make a quick list. Make sure to include manufacturer, size, color, etc. Our loved ones may not know that there is a difference between cinnamon with red flake and cinnamon with red and black flake! After all is said and done, just remember you can never go wrong with some Pumpkin Seed w/Chartreuse Tail Jingle Bugs (very festive name) or 4” Houdini Elite Shiner Swimbaits from Bass Assassin!



Clothing: No, I don’t mean another pack of white socks or an ugly sweater with a deer on it that actually looks like a mutated goat!  No Thank You…….  As long as you know your special someone’s size you CAN NOT GO WRONG with SPF Protective shirts!  My go-to is the AFTCO Fish Ninja performance fishing hoodie. Not only is it extremely light and breathable, it has 50+ UV protection from the sun, and it looks pretty cool too!  Throw a few AFTCO Sun Masks into the stocking and you are a setting yourself up for success!  With several different colors and patterns available, you can fully cloth your favorite kayak angler and keep them safe from the sun next year!




Kayaks: Now, this is the ultimate present….  The one that puts you on the list as greatest significant other, parent, sibling, or bff on the planet…… A NEW KAYAK!!!  With so many different options and opinions no matter where you turn you can not go wrong with a Hobie Kayak with Mirage Drive. Not only is your bass fishing experience enhanced by comfort but the stability is unmatched for those of you that are as crazy about flippin’ as I am! The Mirage Drive with Glide Technology allows you to move around on the water easier and more efficient than ever.  With a large lineup of different models for all shapes and sizes, it makes the experience of kayak fishing more enjoyable and increases the amount of casts to put more bass in the yak!  Now, if you want to buy that special someone a Hobie but are not sure which one is right for them, contact your local dealer for more details on Hobie’s First Cast Program.  It’s a great way to get out on the water to learn more about the Hobie lineup and fish from the kayaks so you can see the difference first hand.


I have always lived by the gift giving moto of ” Keep It Simple”!  If your significant other loves bass fishing now is not the time to try and wow them with a really nice pen or ride in a hot air balloon ride.  Save those for Valentines Day, trust me…..  This year be the hero in your kayak anglers Christmas morning….  It may be the thought that counts, but I have never heard of anyone using thoughts to catch lunkers, just sayin’!!!
Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!


About the Author


Charles Daugherty is 35 and spends most of his time in freshwater fishing for large mouth bass. Charles has fished from Maine to Key West and in
between.  He is a member of the Hobie Kayak Fishing Team (representing Sportsman’s Outpost in Williamstown, NJ) and a Coach/Event Coordinator for Heroes on the Water NJ Chapter.

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