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Chickenboy Lures brings out Day 14 Review of Christmas.  Based out of Texas, Chickenboy Lures features some innovative lure designs aimed at getting the angler more fish strikes.  Check out the Chickenboy Lures and you too will be a believer.

“If weathermen fished, the weather prediction would always be right.”….”Fish don’t care if it is raining, they are already wet.”…”Fishing ain’t cheap, but it is cheaper than therapy.”…”Learning how to fish will teach you how to cuss.”….”There are 3 kinds of people, those that talk about it, those that watch it, and those that do it….”Ever notice, that folks fishing from the bank try to throw as far away from the bank as possible, whereas, folks fishing from a boat try to throw as close to bank as possible.”….”Don’t drink a lot of coffee and then put your waders on.”….”You ain’t fishing unless you’re fishing with a chickenboy.”

These are just a few ‘Words of Wisdom’ that can be found from the 1/2 chicken-1/2 boy, the Legend Chickenboy at

Every angler knows that the most important ammo in his arsenal is the bait you put on the end of the line.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to have a vessel without any holes in it, and to have a trusty rod in your hand, but it’s no secret that you can’t catch fish on an empty hook.  Well, while chasing inshore fish here in Southeast Texas, we look no further than Chickenboy Lures.  I’ve never met a person whose business model was a direct reflection of themselves until I met the Chickenboy for the very first time!  Chickenboy Lures has developed a specialty lure-each with a very unique name, and/or color for every angler preference or water condition.  The Psycho Chicken Shad (shown below are ‘Mr. Perfect’-‘Salt & Pepper Booty Shaker’-‘BYP-Barn Yard Pimp’) was voted Top New Lure-2014 this year and has quickly become a must have in our TX waters!

Psycho Chicken Shad-Mr. Perfect - Chartreuse , 3.5 inches, qty 6       Psycho Chicken Shad-Salt & Pepper Shaker, 3.5 inches, qty 6      BYP (Barn Yard Pimp) Psycho Chicken Shad-3.5 inches, qty 6

Now for the shrimp lovers that are looking for a soft plastic with a tail action that fish can’t resist, you can always check out the Chickenboy Lures Famous Shrimp Lures(available in 3″ or 4″).  The action on these lures have proven to be  irresistible to even the wisest old fish lurking around.  Shown below is the ‘Chicken Chewing Gum’ pink/white-‘Flounder King’ red/white-and my personal favorite the ‘Trout King’ pink/silver.

Chicken Chewing Gum Shrimp-4 inches, qty 6        FLOUNDER KING, Strawberry Red with White Tail -4 inches, qty 6        TROUT KING Shrimp, Pink/Silver-4 inches, qty 6


With these custom molds and split tail design, you are sure to increase your strike frequency while on the water.  Make sure to get yours now at  You WILL have more strikes while fishing with Chickenboy Lures…..the rest is up to you!


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