Chasing Reds With An Old Friend: Fishing Story

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Chasing reds is quite easily my favorite thing to do out on the water. I’ve said it a million times, redfish are some of the most fun to catch inshore on the kayak.My close friend and owner of Inventive Fishing, Sid Dobrin, called me a couple of weeks back saying he wanted to go fishing and get some pics and video for some reviews and for an article he was working on for Florida Sportsman Magazine. I quickly told him to head Northeast from Gainesville to come fish with me and we’d go out chasing reds.

chasing reds

Now anyone who’s met Sid knows there’s gonna be a good time had. We’ve only known each other for about 3 years now, but I strongly consider Sid to be a close friend. Hell, he’s pretty much established as family so any chance to spend time on the water together is nothing short of a great time. We’d made plans to meet up on a Friday morning around 9:30am. I got up that morning much like most others, took the kids to school, then rushed home to load up my yak and my Okuma Fishing rods. I was pretty geeked about getting back on the water to be honest with y’all.

We met up at a local bait & tackle shop to grab some bait, then head to the water. Of course as it usually is with Sid and I, we spent the better part of the next half hour talking fishing with a couple friends at the bait shop. That pushed our launch time back considerably which worried me a little. Low tide was right around 9:15 that day so I feared that we’d miss the bite with unloading, launching, and paddling back to our fishing spot. Little did we know that time would not be a factor this day. Sid’s main mission was to get some great redfish release shots for this article he was working on. I simply wanted to catch fish and hang out with a good friend.

We paddled straight to our fishing spot because the time factor was an issue in my mind. We get back to our spot, and get set up. First cast I pitched out took all of about 2 seconds to get us our first fish of the day. She was a beauty, coming in at a little over 27″, just over the legal slot limit for NE Florida. That first fish relieved any and all doubts about it being a slow day due the time we got out. After a couple more redfish, Sid joined in on the fun with probably the fattest 24″ redfish I’d ever seen. From then on out it was about chasing reds, it became corralling reds. I have to admit I went back to giggling a little bit at the sheer number of fish caught.

There’s nothing better in this world than spending time with family and great friends. Especially when those people have the same passion as you do when it comes to being outdoors and out on the water. We caught a ton of redfish, got some amazing photos of releases and fighting fish, and enjoyed what turned out to be a perfect blue bird sky kind of day out on the water.

We literally sat there the next couple of hours catching redfish after redfish, chatting each other up about everything under the sun, giggling at the numbers of fish caught, and just truly enjoying one helluva day chasing reds. It honestly did not matter what we threw at them, they were hungry and hitting everything that we threw at them.

The only unfortunate part of our day was that we both knew it had to end at some point. Regardless, I truly had a blast chasing reds with my old friend. FYI, our final count for the day was 57 redfish and 1 puppy black drum thrown in for good measure. I’m already looking forward to our next trip together chasing reds or whatever else will hit our lines!

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  1. Sid Dobrin says:

    Possibly the greatest article published in the history of fishing magazines. Take that Sparse Grey Hackle.

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