Fall Fishing Solo

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It’s been quite some time since I’ve been able to simply just load up the kayak and hit the water for a little solo time.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed the traveling, going out with family & friends, but sometimes, you just wanna get out on the water to enjoy the serenity of it all and clear your head.  This past Sunday, I took full advantage of that opportunity and hit the water.  It was only about a 6 hour trip, but it was definitely what was needed.  I loaded up my Native Ultimate 12 kayak on the truck, grabbed my fishing rods, and headed over to Browns Creek Fish Camp to grab some bait.  I’d had it in my head that I wanted to catch some flounder and pick up a couple of redfish.  I’ve mostly focused on redfish this year, all but ignoring the other species, unless they were a by catch.  With that being my game plan, I grabbed some mud minnows from the gang at BCFC and was on my way.  I put in at the beach launch by Browns Creek as I normally prefer to fish Browns Creek.  There are several reasons why I like this creek.  Of course, the proximity to my home is a nice luxury, but it’s a fairly large place to fish with many coves, pockets, creeks, flats, etc.  Browns creek offers an excellent fishery regardless of the time of year, weather, or tide status.  You’ve got a great chance to find fish in one of several different areas while fishing Browns Creek. Back to the fishing… I paddled straight to a spot that I’ve had relatively decent luck with flounder and redfish and set myself up next to a bank.  I casted out a couple of mud minnows, one on a popping cork from Saltwater Assassin, and the other on a Saltwater Assassin 1/4oz. jighead.  I waited a couple of minutes anxious for the rod to double over, then noticed a redfish pushing wake and busting bait about 20 yards away from me… I quickly reeled in the popping cork rig, and cast back over just past the redfish.  I gave it a slight pop, then slowly reeled it in a tad… that was all it took, and it was fish on! She turned out to be a beautiful 19″ redfish, but with 11 oversized spots on her… Beautiful fish, and after a quick photo, she was released.


I rigged the popping cork with another mud minnow and noticed some reds moving further back in this cove.  I stood up in my Ultimate 12 and slowly poled myself back on them.  My concern was how shallow the water was getting in spots, as the tide was still moving out.  The reds have a tendency to get more spooky in shallower water and were only cruising at this point, so I decided to pick up and move to another area.  The next area is a spot where I’ve done extremely well starting around this time of year.  I slowly start paddling my way back to this area, affectionately referred to as the ”lake”, but noticed there wasn’t any movement or action on the way back, which was disconcerting.  I set up in the area just about on dead low tide, and started putting lines in the water.  It wasn’t long and I had my first redfish in this spot, a redfish at around 17″.  I sat there for about 20 minutes and didn’t get another bite, so I decided it was time to move on.  I then headed back to a place that I haven’t fished in quite some time.  There’s a few of us who affectionately refer to this spot as, “Hank’s Spot”.  It sets up on a bend, which a large oyster mound on the opposite side, and there’s a nice channel there as well that normally holds decent fish at low and incoming tide. I get myself set up, and put out the same style lines with a mud minnow on a popping cork and a jighead.  It wasn’t long before my popping cork rod doubled over and it was fish on.  It took a couple of minutes to land this redfish, but she measured in at a nice 23″ on the measuring board.  I took a quick measurement, and a photo, and back into the drink she went.  Just about the time I was going to rig the popping cork up with another minnow, the jighead rod doubles over, and it’s another redfish.  I reel this one in and she measures a nice 20″.  I added another 17″ redfish and that made it 5 redfish for the day total with 3 slots and 2 under slot.DSCF0846

I then decided to pull out my favorite lure, a Saltwater Assasssin 4″ sea shad paddletail in the “Chicken on a Chain” color.  I matched it with a chartreuse  Saltwater Assassin 1/8oz. jighead, and started to work the channel by casting to the oyster mound, and slowly working it back towards me.  I ended up landing a couple of trout in the 16″ range before having to call it a day.DSCF0847

This is my favorite time of year to fish as the water temps cool off, the outside temps are extremely comfortable, and the bite gets ridiculous… the only problem I have is that it gets dark way too soon in the evenings.  Oh well, we can’t always be happy right?  Tight lines, and see ya out on the water.

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