Boardworks Surf Tracker SUP with YakAttack

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Day 24 of our 25 Days of Christmas Guide features the Tracker SUP from Boardworks Surf rigged with YakAttack SUP accessories. SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) angling is becoming more popular as it provides a new way to hit the water to target your favorite species.Boardworks


SUP fishing is a unique and fun way to get out on the water. The clean and open deck of a SUP is perfect for those anglers who want to cruise skinny waters and flats searching for fish. Fly fishing is also very easy on a Stand Up Paddleboard as the clean deck is free from getting your line snagged. While many haven’t quite seen the possibilities with SUP angling, it’s becoming more and more popular amongst anglers. While some may think that rigging a SUP up for fishing is tougher than on a kayak, they couldn’t be further from the truth.


The Boardworks Surf Tracker SUP is a great platform to fish from on those calm days for lakes and skinny water flats. Rigging is a breeze, especially with the wide range of accessories available for Stand Up Paddleboards from YakAttack. We reached out to and ordered a ton of accessories from YakAttack to completely rig out the Tracker SUP for some serious fishing. Complete with rod holders, tie downs for coolers and live-well coolers, camera mounts, The Boardworks Tracker SUP is geared for fishing.


With several deck plugs located throughout the Boardworks Tracker SUP, I knew I’d be able to rig up the board for some serious fishing. I wanted to add rod holders, a couple of camera mounts for different angles, yet still be able to tie down my coolers. I knew there was only one place where I’d be able to find everything I needed to make this idea a reality. The SUP Leash Plug Adapter with Vertical Tie Down would allow me to tie down my Engel 30QT cooler/drybox with rod holders. This cooler provides 2 uses: first it would give me a platform to sit and take a break and second, it would allow me to store gear and carry extra fishing rods with me. I also wanted to enjoy the ability to carry the Engel 13QT Livewell cooler for those days of carrying live bait out on the flats. With my seating and storage taken care of, I turned my attention to rod holders. While many SUP’s are now coming equipped with tracks for accessories, the Tracker has deck plugs. YakAttack came up with the SUP Leash Plug Adapter with 1.5″ Screwball which gave me the ability to add rod holders to the board. Lastly, I wanted to add camera mounts for my GoPro and waterproof camera to video footage and digital pictures from on the water. Again, the SUP Leash Plug Adapter with 1” Screwball made it possible to add these accessories. The last piece of accessory I needed was a way to store my SUP paddle and there’s simply nothing better than the SUP Leash Plug Adapter with RotoGrip Paddle Holder.

Tracker SUP


The Tracker is the ultimate fishing platform for paddles of all sizes and abilities. At 11′ long and 35″ wide, this board is extremely stable for casting off the deck, landing fish and moving around with ease.



  • Deep double concave running throughout the bottom for great secondary stability, tracking and speed
  • Generous width for maximum stability
  • Low profile for better performance in windy conditions, i.e. remaining stationary when fishing and holding a course when traveling
  • Multi Connex deck plugs for tying down extra gear or adding a variety of attachments to customize your craft. Bungee cords are included
  • Flat deck resulting is a level area to allow for easy foot movement and attaching coolers or gear boxes
  • LiftSUP™ handle for easy portage and locking
  • Single touring fin for tracking and speed
  • Self regulating vent plug to relieve pressure in heat or high altitude
  • Realtree™ camo accents
  • Extremely durable Krypto-Mat construction for impact protection
  • MSRP: $1999


If you’re in the market for a new way to hit the water and chase your favorite species of fish, I highly suggest trying your luck at SUP angling. It’s a great way to get out on the water, and a ton of fun.

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