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BillyStix Custom Rods are our Day 17 Review of Christmas, and there’s nothing more precious in the fishing world than the relationship between an angler and their fishing pole…Period! While not everyone in the fishing world has been able to experience a personalized custom rod, those that have, can speak to the advantages that come with this luxury.  Well, look no further than BillyStix Custom Rods.


During a recent Gulf Coast trip to Florida, we had the pleasure of meeting the man himself, and I must say, nothing could have prepared us for this encounter.  I am no rod expert, but I’ve always thought surely there are machines, or rollers, or some sort of equipment used in the designing and building of all fishing rods.  We were in total awe after realizing that the fishing rods we’ve been using were individually rolled and designed by this builder from the comfort of his living room.  Let that sink in for a bit, Mr. Stix has designed every BillyStix Custom rod and wrapped each one from the comfort of his LazyBoy recliner (BillyStix Headquarters shown below) using his own two hands!!

BillyStix Office      BillyStix Office 2       BillyStix Office 3

And in this day of social media, texting, emailing, and such, Billy believes that the best way to meet his customer’s needs head on is with an ‘old fashioned’ phone call or consultation.  When asked what motivates him when building these rods, Billy did not hesitate…”I think it is just that I can take a long piece of graphite and assemble the body parts to start putting life into an otherwise simple rod blank and the more I work with it the more alive it becomes.” He went on to say “It’s like it becomes a part of my history….as I watched an old man build fishing rods when I was just 12 years old, I was truly amazed…..and now today as an old man, I too have the same chance as he had to take the same rod parts and put them all together all by hand without any fancy machines (Custom made 20yr old rod holders shown below)….just to sit there and create one-lone individual rod…a true ONE of a KIND rod and to be able to do this hundreds of time a year just simply gives me the greatest pleasure.”  Rest assure you will get top notch professional one-on-one service and in turn you will receive a top grade custom rod built to your specifications to fit your fishing needs!

photo 2 billy office      photo 1 billy office

Billy builds inshore casting and spinning rods, offshore casting and spinning rods, as well as trolling rods of all sizes. If you need it, Billy can build it.  You’ll be surprised at just how economical BillyStix rods are, compared with other ‘custom’ rod makers.  Remember, these rods are made for a lifetime of use! You can check out the BillyStix Custom rods here: and also follow them on Facebook: BillyStix Custom Rods.


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  1. David says:

    I have 5 billy rods and love them all Billy’s customer service is top notch and I really enjoy talking with him.

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