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KastKing recently unveiled a new baitcasting reel, the Bassinator, designed to give tournament bass fishing anglers more advantage on the water!

KastKing Introduces Pro Level Bassinator Baitcaster Fishing Reel

KastKing designs new Bassinator Elite baitcasting reels specifically for bass fishing tournament and high-end recreational anglers.


For Immediate Release – KastKing  has launched the Bassinator Elite baitcasting reel series, which is yet another volley of low profile baitcasters in the KastKing Elite lineup targeted for professional bass tournament fishing. KastKing will officially introduce the Bassinator Elite at the 2019 GEICO Bassmaster Classic Outdoors Expo presented by Dick’s Sporting Goods at Booth 5621 in Knoxville, Tennessee March 15, 16, 17.

The KastKing Bassinator will be available in two different models. The silver-colored KastKing Bassinator Elite Classic is offered in two gear ratios, a 34.1 IPT (Inches Per Turn) retrieve rate 8.1:1 gear ratio and a 6.6:1 with 27.8 IPT; both with carbon fiber handles and AAA cork grips. The neon green KastKing Bassinator Elite Ninja baitcaster has an aluminum handle, EVA grips, a 6.6:1 gear ratio with 27.8 IPT and a lower selling price. All models have a line capacities of 130 yards of 12lb test monofilament. The metric line capacity (Mono) is 0.285mm/ 120 meters.

All KastKing Bassinator Elite Series models have aluminum alloy frames, carbon fiber side plates for weight reduction, 10 + 1 double shielded stainless steel ball bearings with specialized free-spin bearings in the spool position that allow anglers to cast farther than conventional bearings, six-element centrifugal brakes, 17.6 Lb carbon fiber drag, and Swing Wing design side plates for easy access to the centrifugal brakes with no possibility of accidental loss of the side cover. Bassinator reels were ergonomically designed for a Palm Perfect fit and are light weight. Bassinator fishing reels are the smallest frame low profile baitcaster KastKing has manufactured to date. The Bassinator Classic weighs only 5.7 ounces, while the Bassinator Ninja weighs 5.9 ounces.

“KastKing Bassinator Elite reels are awesome,” says Major League Fishing Pro Brent Chapman who was the B.A.S.S. Bassmaster Elite 2012 Angler of the Year (AOY) and 14 time qualifier for the Bassmaster Classic event.

“They are lightweight and do everything well. I have been using the pre-release model Bassinator reels for several months with zero issues. With Bassinator baitcast reels on deck, there is really no other baitcaster I need for competition. With two gear ratios available; it is a versatile tool.”

Chapman will use KastKing fishing reels, KastKing fishing rods, and KastKing braid fishing line exclusively in Major League Fishing and Bassmaster Classic fishing competition.

Other KastKing Bassinator Elite features include a hardened aluminum alloy main gear and solid brass pinion gear for durability and smoothness, short main shaft for weight reduction, higher speeds, longer casts without noise, a line memory dial function that reminds anglers what lb test line is on the spool, and drainage ports that reduce maintenance. The Bassinator spool tensioning nut has click adjustments for accurate control that doesn’t back off during use during competition.

“KastKing Bassinator Elite fishing reels represent somewhat of a paradigm shift for KastKing,” says Tom Gahan, Chief Marketing Officer at KastKing. “Traditionally KastKing has been recognized as a leader in low priced, but quality fishing reels under $100. Bassinator will serve a fishing public that is not worried quite so much about cost, but puts a high emphasis on extreme quality. The benefit of Bassinator is; given what it has to offer in performance, durability, ergonomics, components, and fitting within our ‘Affordable Innovation’ slogan; it is the best value for a pro level tournament fishing baitcasting reel.”

“KastKing has reached another price plateau with our Elite series of fishing reels, but we will always stick to our values of bringing the best possible products to market at the best price,” says Tate Cui, CEO at Eposeidon- KastKing. “We look forward to being of service to tournament and serious recreational anglers with our Elite products and to many more things ahead.”

KastKing Bassinator Elite Baitcasting reels will initially sell at  with an online discounted selling price of $149.98 for the Bassinator Elite Ninja and $159.98 for the Bassinator Elite Classic. KastKing Bassinators are scheduled to be available online concurrently with the Bassmaster Classic weekend.

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