Astral Addiction: Kayak Shoes

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Astral is a very well known brand when it comes to kayak fishing shoes. Our good friend, JD Desrosiers, shares with us why the Astral shoes are so addictive.

Astral Addiction


Hi my name is JD and I am addicted to Astral shoes. There are quite a few reasons why I do not have a problem admitting that I am an addict. The shoes are stylish, ultra comfortable, quick drying, super quiet, and extremely affordable. The kicker is that they are made in Asheville, North Carolina which is only about 35 minutes from my door step.

For the last three years my Astral shoes have been taking me on many adventures, whether it is on the water or climbing up the side of a mountain, nothing can hold a candle to these shoes. Over the last year my addiction has grown more and more. If you give me just a few minutes of your time I am going to tell you which model shoes I have, why I have them, and what I like the most about each style.


First let me start with my favorite pair, the Filipe! I cannot say enough about how incredible these shoes are. This is Astral’s first attempt at a Flip-Flop/Sandal, and they have hit a grand slam. I have had many different pairs of sandals and flip-flops, and nothing can hold a candle to these. Just like all of Astral shoes they feature the G-Rubber soles, and the foot bed not only molds to your feet, but prevents slippage. Also like all of the Astral shoes these have the Balanced Geometry, which give the shoe a slight rock front to back. This allows for natural movement and quietness as you move about your adventure. Currently I own 2 pairs of these beauties, and they are available in 3 awesome colors.


Next up in my line-up are the Porters! These have a boat shoe look, but just a bit more edgier, which helps them stand out from the crowd. You can where these to the office, to church, out on the town, or on the water. Super quick drying and these bad boys feature the engineered drain holes to allow water to escape the shoe quickly and effectively. I wear these everyday to the work, and the balanced geometry help me walk better, and aids with less fatigue. Offered in the 3 colors and available for both men and women you simply cannot go wrong. Currently I own 3 pairs of these and I will always have the Porters in my arsenal.


Lastly are my brutes, the Rasslers! These are the only pairs I have that are high tops, and they are made to take a beating. I have walked straight up the middle of several Class II rapids, and never missed a step because of the huge amount of G-Rubber on these power houses. The Rasslers are light weight and have extra built it support around the Heel and Toes area. Whether you are slaying the rapids, rock climbing in Pisgah, trekking over an amazing single track trial or out on the town the Rasslers will definitely handle everything and anything you throw at them. My Rasslers are my newest pair to my addiction and I do not see them failing me in any way.


Key Features to every pair of Astral Shoes are:

  • G Rubber outer soles
  • Engineered Drain Holes
  • Balanced Geometry
  • Reinforced Canvas
  • Ultra Light Weight
  • Extremely Quick Drying
  • Insanely Flexible

I am very blessed to be on the Astral Fishing Pro Staff, and I look forward to growing my addiction not only with their shoes but also with Astral’s killer PFDs. The next time you are on the internet surfing, make your way over to the Astral website. There is a ton of information for you to soak in, and also a good many informative videos. Better yet if you are in the upstate of SC or see me around be sure to stop me, because I can guarantee you I will have a pair of the phenomenal shoes on.


About the Author


JD Desrosiers currently paddles for the Wilderness Systems Kayaks, Adventure Technology, and Astral Pro Staffs, and is truly honored to be able to represent all these amazing teams. JD enjoys paddling smaller waters, rivers, swamps in South Carolina and intercoastal creeks of the Southeast. JD has a strong passion for writing, photography, conservation, and teaching others about the outdoors. Hope to see you on the water and stay safe.

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