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Aqua Dream spoons serve as our Day 13 Review of Christmas.  Pro Staff member for Aqua Dream, Scrib Perry, shares his thoughts on the most versatile lure an angler can employ in their tackle box, the spoon.

The spoon is one of the most versatile lures in an inshore anglers tackle box. When it comes to spoons, not every spoon is made the same. Aqua Dream Spoons are made of high quality components to take abuse from those big bruiser bull reds. Aqua Dream makes a few different series in their spoon line. This gives the angler the chance to match the best possible spoon to the situation at hand. Long gone are the days of just having a gold or silver spoon to choose from. All Aqua Dream Spoons are shaped in a classic willow leaf shape. All of the spoons are available in ¼ oz and 3/8 oz. Lets take a look at a few of the types of spoons that Aqua Dream offers.


Aqua Dream spoon selection

The ADL Weedless series is probably the most well known and used of the Aqua Dream line. Available in a multitude of colors such as gold, silver, chartreuse, black, white, and a few others it really gives the angler some great choices. The ADL Spoon has textured prism facets that really throw off some flash as it wobbles through the water. The weedless style allows you to throw it deep into the grass for those feeding redfish.


ADL Weedless spoon

Next on the list is what I consider one of the more innovative spoons available on the market, The Aqua Dream Live Bait Series Spoon. The Live Bait Spoon has a high resolution picture of a bait fish printed on one side of the spoon. This is the perfect lure for tossing to fish when they are feeding heavy on bait fish. Available in Mullet, Gold Pilchard, White Pilchard, and Pinfish. Then there is my favorite in the Live Bait series, Blue Crab. This spoon drives the redfish crazy. The Live Bait series is available in weedless or with a treble hook.


Aqua Dream Live Bait Series spoon

The Classic Weedless Spoon is what started it all. It is a gold plated spoon with a reflective pattern decal that can really throw off some flash. The spoon comes in a few colors such as gold, silver, pink, and chartreuse. My favorite thing about these spoons are the contrasting colors such as the gold with pink decal or the gold with chartreuse decal. They really grab the attention of fish.


Aqua Dream Classic Weedless spoon

Last on the list is the Aqua Dream Vengeance Spoon. It’s a spoon just like the ADL Weedless but instead it has a treble hook. This makes it a great spoon for casting when snags are not a problem. I really like this spoon for casting off the beach when I am surf fishing for those toothy critters like Spanish Mackerel.


Aqua Dream Vengeance spoon

Check out these spoons and all the other great lures at Capt. Mike Hakala is an angler and has designed all of his lures to catch fish and not the angler. All of the Aqua Dream spoons are made here in the USA, and with prices ranging from $5.99 to $7.99 they can’t be beat.




Sibley “Scrib” Perry is an avid kayak angler. Rather than follow in his father’s footsteps, a successful bass tournament angler, Sibley has found his passion for inshore fishing. At any time of year, he may be found paddling the bays and inlets of the Alabama Gulf Coast in search of redfish, speckled trout, and flounder.


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