Oracle Angler Paddle Review: Adventure Technology

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Every kayaker needs a paddle regardless of the vessel that they use.  Here’s a review of the Oracle Angler Paddle from Adventure Technology after two plus years of use.

Oracle Angler Paddle Review

You being the motor of your self propelled water craft are like any boat motor. You require the correct fuel, regular maintenance, and the right size propeller. In this case we are discussing the propeller AKA your paddle. We will be looking at one paddle in particular but I cant stress this next point strongly enough. Buy the absolute best paddle you can afford even if it means buying a used paddle that is a premiere paddle for what you would pay for a new cheaper one. You will be far better off.

Like any power boat the wrong prop will lead to poor fuel economy, inability to get on plane, and unnecessary wear and tear on the engine, that would be you. So the right pitch and diameter for a motor equals blade design and paddle length for you.

Paddle length is really determined by personal preference but its intended use and how high up you sit in your kayak will also play a major factor. If you are hitting rapids then a very short paddle is what you need. A basic minimum for most fishing kayaks is 220cm. I prefer the longest paddle I can get which at this point is a 260cm Oracle Angler from Adventure Technology. My reasons for using such a long paddle are as follows. I am able to maintain a very low angle of attack when I need to be sneaky and maximum reach for a long power stroke. I am major fan of long boat kayaks at fourteen feet and up. My current hot rod is the fastest flat water fishing kayak built, the Wilderness Systems Tarpon 160. The longer paddle makes the Tarpons efficiencies that much more effective.

The Oracle Angler is touted as Adventure Technology’s most powerful kayak fishing paddle. According to Adventure Technology the blade design has less dihedral than the Odyssey Angler giving it an even stronger stroke. I haven’t used an Odyssey paddle but I was using a mid range Aquabound Manta Ray Hybrid before the Oracle. To give you my comparison there is far less slip when pulling the blade through the water. My first paddle was a cheapie Walmart heavy aluminum shaft with a straight plastic blade. It was so bad that it didn’t feel like you were moving any water at all on the stroke. I upgraded a couple months into my kayaking to a Aqua-bound Manta Ray and then again to the Manta Ray Hybrid. Both were good paddles but the Oracle feels like it is glued in place grabbing the water transferring all your power.

The 610cm2 blade has a Duraweave® reinforced tip designed for superior abrasion resistance. After 2+ years of jamming this blade into rocks, oyster shoals, and everything in between it barely shows any wear at all, so yeah it definitely works. I really like the digital camo pattern on the blade as it gives it a very distinctive look. The line hook notch on the blade has been used countless times. Heck the number of lures it has saved me and Jodi has paid for its self lol. The shaft has 10cm of length adjustment should you need more reach. This also allows for unlimited feathering. The carbon blend straight shaft has a measuring tape graphic on it for checking your catch. Most of the graphic has worn off with use but it’s really not an issue for us as we use measuring boards. And it certainly shouldn’t be a purchasing factor. The flat finish combined with the ergonomic grips provides a very secure grip. The shaft never feels slick in your hands even with some fish slime on it.

The Oracle Angler weighs in at just 32.5 oz and comes in lengths of 230cm, 240cm, 250cm, and 260cm. Adventure Technology list the MSRP at 285.00 a steal for what you get in my humble opinion. My wife Jodi and I absolutely love them. So if your in the market for a paddle this is the one to have.

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