A Date Day with the Redfish

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For those of you who are married with kids, you know the difficulty with finding time (and a sitter) for a husband and wife date day or date night.  I’m no different in this regard, but like you, I know the importance of spending time alone away from the kids to keep the marriage healthy.  Luckily for me, my wife loves kayak fishing too, and enjoys the time spent on the water.


Kaycee landing a red


This past weekend presented itself with the prime opportunity for a husband and wife date day.  Everything seemed to be lined up perfectly.  The tides were perfect.  The weather was perfect.  We even had a sitter which gave us the opportunity to enjoy some time together for our date. We decided we were going to take it easy and enjoy our date day and enjoy a lazy Sunday.  We weren’t going to have to get up too early due to the late morning low tide, so we took our time getting up and ready.  After a quick stop at our local bait & tackle shop, we headed to the launch to hit the water. While it turned out to be a little breezy, it was still blue bird skies for our date day.


Kaycee with a quality redfish


We set off from the launch after everything was unloaded.  My wife was fishing out of my Old Town Predator MX kayak, and I was fishing out of my Native Watercraft Slayer 13 Propel kayak.  Our arsenal for the day was the Okuma Fishing rods and reels, Helios and Citrix. We were stocked and ready to tackle some redfish. The vibe of a lazy Sunday date day was in full effect, as we took our time paddling/pedaling back to our fishing hole. We pretty much had two choices for our date day.  We could either go explore some new areas, or simply head back to a proven spot and load up on some redfish.  Of course the latter won, and we headed back to the honey hole for some great redfish action.

As luck would have it, we arrived at the honey hole a little too early and the bite was dead. Not wanting to simply sit and wait on the redfish to start coming in, we decided to do a little exploring on our date day for about an hour.  We paddled out and found a nice sand bar to beach our yaks and stretch our legs a little and toss out a couple of lines. The bite was pretty much nonexistent, and I started worrying that our date day would turn into a skunk day.


redfish tails up!


Enough time had passed so we headed back to the honey hole in search of our redfish. Again, the bite simply wasn’t there.  While we were both enjoying the beautiful weather and calmness of being on the water for our date day, I still wanted to light into some great redfish action. Then, all of a sudden, the bite turned on and my Okuma Citrix rod doubled over.  It was fish on with what felt like a quality redfish.  After a quick battle, I landed the first fish of the day measuring in a little over 24″. After a few more smaller fish, the bite died off again.  It was one of those weird kind of days. The bite would turn red hot for a few minutes, then completely die off for a few minutes. This was pretty much our cycle for the remainder of our date day.


redfish putting up a fight


When the bite did turn on, it was a blast. We’d caught about a dozen redfish on our date day, but I was still wanting that stud redfish.  I casted my rod out, looked over to my wife and said, I’m about due for a big redfish.  Not more than a minute passed, and my rod doubled over big time. I knew this was a quality fish, because she simply stayed down.  She took off on several runs and I was grinning from ear to ear the whole time. I finally got her up to the yak, and man she was a beauty!  I put her on the measuring board, and she stretched out to just over 28″. I’d gotten my big girl for the trip and I was stoked.


big redfish of the day


During the day, we were keeping count of the fish caught in a little bit of friendly competition during our date day. Most of you can attest to the fact that the wife or girlfriend normally out performs us fellas when out fishing, but I was having my way this time out. I’d taken a commanding lead of 9 fish to her 5 fish once I landed that 28″ stud.  Of course, my bragging was my undoing, as my lines just went dead and her rod picked up the slack.  She caught another redfish, upping her count to 6 fish.  I was beginning to think I’d lose yet again!  Luckily we both decided to head back in to get ready for a cookout.  Of course, she slipped in another cast, and landed a pretty 24″ redfish bringing the count to 9-7.  Our date day turned out perfectly.  We had amazing weather, cool and light winds, blue bird skies, and some great fishing action.

I’m already looking forward to our next trip together and maintaining my win streak.  At Yak Outlaws, we believe that the family that fishes together… stays together!

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