2021 Line Up of New Gear from Daiwa

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Daiwa Launches a Wide Array of Reels, Rods, Tackle and Fishing Accessories for 2021

Daiwa is proud to announce a brand new website built specifically to introduce a wealth of new fishing products for 2021—everything from reels, rods, tackle, line and fishing accessories.

Cypress, CA – Daiwa is proud to announce the launch of a brand new website built specifically to announce the introduction of a wealth of new fishing products—everything from reels, rods, tackle, line and fishing accessories. The website was built not only to showcase new product offerings but offer a highly interactive experience for anglers.

What follows in this release is a quick look at many of these products, all of which will be covered in more detail on http://daiwaproductshowcase.com.

Saltiga LD

Step up to the big time. Daiwa’s completely redesigned Saltiga LD series features the smoothest, most powerful and dependable lever-drag reels available today. Six single-speed models, ten 2-speed models, plus two special-purpose tournament style sailfish designs cover all the bases for saltwater anglers from inshore and near shore to offshore and the canyons.

All Saltiga LD reels feature a one-piece machined aluminum frame and side plate to assure precise alignment of bearings and gears for amazingly smooth performance, less flex, more power and reduced binding even during the fiercest battles. Daiwa’s acclaimed Advanced Tournament Drag System (ATD) keeps each Saltiga LD cool during the heat of battle while providing consistent maximum pressure through the end game.

Backed by Daiwa’s Executive Saltiga Five Year Warranty and Service – the best warranty in the market – the Saltiga LD line provides top shelf performance. These are the reels you need when second best just won’t do.

MSRP $419.99 – $699.99



Daiwa is proud to introduce the next generation of BG spinning reels to saltwater anglers of all stripes, this time with a one piece Monocoque aluminum body. Light and strong like a Formula One racing car, the reels are lighter and stronger through use of Monocoque body technology.

In terms of application, the reels are designed for everything from inshore to heavy offshore fishing—with models like the BGMQ2500D-H perfect for speckled trout to models like the BGMQ20000 designed to withstand the pressures of fishing giant bluefin tuna. The reels also feature an all-aluminum frame and features Digigear technology. Compared to most of the competition, the gears are between 20% to 40% larger. The gears also feature a larger tooth patter, giving the gears a much longer gear life and durability than competitive reels. Tests reveal a gear life that is one to three times the length of competitive reels.

MSRP $199.99 – $279.99


For 2020, Daiwa’s Saltiga has been fully reimagined and redesigned, culminating in the best saltwater spinning reel on the market. For starters, the new Saltiga’s single-piece high-strength aluminum body can house much larger internal gearing, meaning more power to tame saltwater beasts. Housed within the Monocoque body is the new G1 Duralumin cut Digigear system, digitally developed gearing with bigger teeth and more touch points to yield gear strength and torque more than double its predecessors.

Made in Japan and bulging at the seams with exclusive Daiwa technology and design excellence, Saltiga sets the new standard for unfaltering performance, strength and power in saltwater spinning reels.

MSRP $999.99 – $1,099.99



Just when you thought the in-demand Tatula reel family couldn’t get any better, Daiwa unleashes the new Tatula 300, a true 300-size reel for throwing big bass baits. Daiwa’s progressive product development team redesigned the new Tatula to bring anglers a slightly larger option perfect for a variety of applications including outsized, deep-diving crankbaits, swimbaits, A rigs, and more. In short, it’s the perfect option for anglers fishing large presentations for even larger fish… What really makes The Daiwa Tatula 300 so special is the inclusion of the T-Wing System level-wind. When you take the reel out of gear it allows for less resistance on the line, allowing the line to cast further. Daiwa’s spool lets anglers finely tune the spool tension while the T-Wing System level-wind opens up line feed, working together to cast longer, more accurately, and provide stress-free control when chunking into the wind, skipping baits or casting large lures. The T-Wing System is also very efficient at reducing backlashes on the 300-size reel with large spool.

When you’re considering a slightly larger palmable baitcaster, look no further than Daiwa’s new TATULA 300…a reel that is set to bring a whole new level of efficiency to fishing large baits for big fish.

MSRP $269.99


They’ve done it again. Daiwa has just launched another Tatula reel that promises anglers a wealth of performance and value. The reel was specifically designed and manufactured to bring anglers looking for an entry level baitcaster an entirely new standard of performance and aesthetics. Perfect for everything from plastics to cranks to Chatterbaits and more, the TATULA CT (Compact) brings versatility to anglers of all walks. Extremely palmable and a mere 7.2 ounces, the reel feels great in the hand and your choice of favorite rods. Like the other higher priced reels in the Tatula family, what really makes The Daiwa TATULA CT so special is the inclusion of the T-Wing System level-wind. When you take the reel out of gear it allows for less resistance on the line, allowing the line to cast farther and less occurrence of backlashes.

When you’re considering an entry level baitcaster, look no further than Daiwa’s new TATULA CT…a reel that is set to bring a whole new level of performance, value, and stunning good looks to anglers.

MSRP $129.99



Behold a new standard in freshwater to inshore spinning reel offerings, the Kage LT MQ (pronounced kah-gay) which translates from Japanese to English for “in the shadows.” For starters, the sales direction on the reel is unique; there are no internet sales of the reels and sales are limited to independent retailers. It’s designed to be a dealer-driven reel series with a protected price structure. In terms of application, the Kage LT MQ is available in five sizes – all the way from a diminutive 1000 model for panfish and smaller freshwater fish to the KGTMQ4000D-CXH which fits the bill nicely for inshore applications and larger freshwater fish pursuits.

For freshwater and inshore anglers looking for their next mid- to high-level grade spinning reel, look no further than the Kage LT MQ, a reel engineered and manufactured with the needs of today’s angler in mind.

MSRP $339.99 – 369.99


Now redesigned for a higher level of performance, the Daiwa Procyon AL spinning reel family is back for the attack whether that means freshwater or inshore applications. From speckled trout, redfish, and snook to bass, walleye, and trout, the Procyon AL offers anglers the perfect reel for the pursuit. In terms of application, the Procyon AL is available in five sizes – from the PCNAL2000D model for freshwater fish to the PCNAL4000D-C, which fits the bill nicely for inshore applications and larger freshwater fish forays.

For freshwater and inshore anglers looking for their next spinning reel, look no further than the Procyon AL, a reel engineered and manufactured with the needs of today’s angler in mind.

MSRP $179.99


J-Fluoro Samurai Fluorocarbon

In a class all its own, Daiwa’s new J-Fluoro Samurai high-end fluorocarbon mainline brings invisibility and high performance to anglers of all walks. The Made in Japan line is designed and manufactured to bring a new level of fishability to all, offering a multitude of sizes with varying levels of stretch and stiffness and super small diameter. Available in 2-, 4-, 5-, 6-, 7-, 8-, 10-, 12-, 14-, 16-, 18-, 20-, 22-, and 25-pound, there’s a line weight to suit varying fishing applications. For panfish and trout anglers to bass and walleye, the line is sure to impress with its ultra-clear and strength characteristics. All are wound on ergonomic spools with convenient filler-enabled spool protectors with a D-VEC halfway sticker located at 110 yards to inform the user of available line. If you’re serious about masking your presentations whether it’s as mainline or a leader, J-Fluoro Samurai should be on your essentials list.

220 yd. Filler Spools MSRP $20.99 -42.99

1,000 yd. Bulk Spools MSRP $59.99 – 159.99

Daiwa Tackle Barn

In terms of smart, easy, and spacious tackle organization, there’s never been anything quite like Daiwa’s new Tackle Barn. Featuring a double-sided design with gullwing like doors on the top, the Tackle Barn is designed to hold up to and amazing eight 370 Daiwa tackle boxes and four 360 tackle boxes. It comes with four Daiwa 370 boxes and four 360 boxes to get things started… In terms of construction, the Tackle Barn features a unique barn style design that makes retrieving tackle boxes from the interior simple and easy. The side covers are easy to open thanks to a resilient hook and loop attachment. It also features #8 and #10 nylon zippers for a long, rust-proof life and reinforced, waterproof bottom to match the wet conditions on boats and the bank. The Tackle Barn, while capable of holding all the tackle one might need on an outing, is also not too large, making it easy to stow underneath a boat’s steering console. Lastly, the Tackle Barn also features a retractable leader spool wheel, drink holder, and side pouches for any other necessities, including a sunglasses holder.

MSRP $199.99


Daiwa Double Clutch 95SP Lure

Available once again, this deadly suspending minnowbait is back to satisfy the walleye, bass, and trout anglers who’ve requested its reintroduction. Made in Japan, the Daiwa Double Clutch 96SP lure is 3 ¾ inches (95mm) long and features a suspending action when cast or trolled. Available in six different colors including Bone, Delta Smelt, Laser Wakasagi, the Daiwa Double Clutch 96SP lure is also available in three colors realized through a unique interior paint process – IP Pink, IP Ayu, and IP Wakasagi, the last of which matches a smelt and other baitfish almost identically. Again, whether cast or trolled, the Daiwa Double Clutch 96SP is a gamefish getter with a reputation that precedes itself. For everything from freshwater game like walleye, bass, trout, and salmon to inshore species, it definitely belongs in your arsenal.

MSRP $18.99


Daiwa SC Shad

While there are tons of shad profile hard baits on the market, nothing quite compares to the diminutive Daiwa SC Shad. Now reintroduced, the Daiwa SC Shad has the reputation of a top bait for panfish, trout, walleye, and bass. Featuring a suspending and tantalizing side to side wiggle, the Daiwa SC Shad is available in several match-the-hatch colors, including Rainbow Trout, Prizm Shad, Himemasu, and Crystal Black Pearl, besides Gold Orange and Bubble Gum. All feature high quality VMC hooks to keep fish pinned where they belong. Like the Daiwa Double Clutch 95SP, the Daiwa SC Shad has a reputation that precedes itself, especially with trout anglers, although the SC Shad’s action and performance will catch virtually anything that swims. Back on the radar, the SC Shad belongs in every tackle box across the country as it’ll produce in a multitude of different situations whether cast or trolled.

MSRP $7.99

Daiwa Zakana Jig

Deadly in a variety of different saltwater situations, Daiwa’s Zakana Casting Jig is a must-have bait for casting jigs in the brine. Available in seven different weights (20g, 30g, 40g, 80g, 100g, and 130g) there’s a size and weight to match every condition and species. Featuring a unique horizontal eyelet design, the bait falls and retrieves erratically, which matches a host of live forage. Choose from eight different colors including Silver, Maiwashi, Pink, Katakuchi, Blue Pink, Zebra Glow, Green Gold, and Chrome. All baits also feature VMC 9626 hooks to keep hooksets solid.

MSRP $7.99 – 11.99

Daiwa Mr. Slow Jig

Daiwa’s Mr. Slow Jig is designed to be a must-have lure for vertical jigging below the boat. Available in three different weights (180g, 220g, and 260g), it’s the perfect presentation for outsized tuna and more. Featuring dual single assist hooks, each Spectra line is also filled with special grade fluorocarbon to prevent tangling when secured to an angler’s mainline at either end. Daiwa’s Mr. Slow Jig is available in four different colors.

MSRP $18.99 – 20.99


Daiwa FK Jig

For fast jigging applications, Daiwa’s FK (Fall Killer) Jig is sure to impress. Available in six different weights (110g, 130g, 150g, 180g, 210g, and 250g) there’s a size and weight to match the pursuit of any big game species. Daiwa’s FK (Fall Killer) Jig is available in four different fish-catching colors.

MSRP $15.99 – 22.99

Ever Green Gizmo Lure

Designed to match the profile of a wasp or other near water insect, there’s never really been a bait like the Ever Green Gizmo floating rubber bait to hit the water. Designed with a weed guard and rubber legs and appendages, the bait is deadly on bass and panfish feeding on the surface. The bait is designed to be shook and will vibrate accordingly, not necessarily “popped” on the surface. Designed of elastomer, the bait is rugged and will withstands tearing and ripping after many fish catches. Available in eight different forage-matching colors to match your individual fishing condition. To accurately work the bait, Ever Green recommends matching to the Ever Green Combat Stick USA spinning rod, a stick designed specifically for working the Gizmo. The rod features a durable graphite rod blank, solid graphite tip, Fuji® Alconite K guides, Fuji® reel seat, and stunning camouflage EVA grips. The rod is protected under a limited five-year warranty.

MSRP $10.99


Ever Green Piccolo Lure

Looking for a diminutive crankbait that gets results? Look no further than the Ever Green Piccolo silent crankbait with fixed weight. Designed to dive three to four feet, the Piccolo is a bass- and panfish-catching machine. The Ever Green Piccolo is available in eight forage-matching colors including Baby Gill, Bleeding Brown Craw, Bleeding Sunfish, Blue Back Chartreuse, Flash Silver Shad, Chartreuse Shad, Fire Craw, and Blue Back Flash. Cast or trolled it’s a winner for crappies, largemouth and smallmouth bass, white bass, and more.

MSRP $14.99

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