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Day 11 of the Yak Outlaws 25 Days of Christmas Gift Guide features the new Zooka II rod holder from YakAttack. YakAttack’s own John Hipsher shares with us the latest from the masterminds at YakAttack!


The Zooka II™ Rod Holder is an improved and updated version of the classic and is a quintessential YakAttack® rod holder. With such a high volume of consumer request and the growing popularity of the new LockNLoad™ Mounting System we knew it was time for an update. In typical YakAttack fashion we can’t simple remake something, but rather we took the opportunity to improve and design something superior, more functional, and exceptional manufactured.

Designed for use with spinning and casting rods the Zooka II utilizes the geometry from the rods and reels to secure your gear without any moving parts. One side of the Zooka II is dedicated for spinning gear having both a deep carry and quick access location. The other side of the Zooka II is dedicated for casting set-ups and utilizes the trigger featured on casting rods to lock the rod and reel in place in an upright position. The geometry of the Zooka II has been improved on, so it now works great with larger conventional gear without getting stuck like the Zooka Tube of the past. On the underside of the rod holder there is a dedicated location to attach a rod leash.

The Zooka II features a four inch extension arm with two adjustable pivots. The Easy Grip™ Knobs are comfortable in your hand whether in wet or dry conditions. The two adjustment knobs feature positive pressure allowing for one handed adjustment while maintaining pressure on the rod holder and extension arm. Every component from the rod holder to the base features highly reinforced geometry allowing for the strongest construction possible.

The foundation of the new Zooka II is the LockNLoad Mounting System. New from YakAttack for 2018, the LockNLoad system is strong, quick, and easy to adjust. It attaches to YakAttack GearTrac™ in a similar fashion as other popular YakAttack products. Featuring a friction disk on the underside of the base and two Track Teeth™ the base won’t slide or rotate in the track. The housing of the LockNLoad base detaches using a simple trigger, but with the addition of an inner safety trigger it won’t allow for the rod holder to be knocked off accidently. The inner safety works in the same way a trigger safety works on a firearm. If you don’t engage and open the trigger using the safety it won’t open. In addition to heightened security the LockNLoad Mounting System is very easy to adjust while mounted in the track, even while in use. Simply squeeze the trigger and the system mechanically raises the rod holder up and out of the two rows of teeth on the inside of the base. Even while adjusting, the rod holder is safe and secure. Once you find the desired location simply release and lightly press down.

The Zooka II rod holder and LockNLoad Mounting System were designed and made in the USA by kayak anglers, for kayak anglers, and comes with the YakAttack Built for Life guarantee.

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