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The YakAttack Zooka Tube is our Day 9 review of Christmas, and if you’re looking for a rod holder that presents several options for the kayak angler, then this is the one for you.  Yak Outlaws fan, Louis Anderson, shares his thoughts on why he chose the YakAttack Zooka Tube. 


YakAttack rod holder


When rigging my kayak, I look for upgrades that offer multiple advantages to as many kayak fishing scenarios possible.  I saw the YakAttack Zooka Tube and had to add it to my arsenal.



Hobie rgged with a YakAttack rod holder

I went with the Zooka Tube from YakAttack because of its ability to lock in both Baitcast and spinning reel setups, and its ability to be used while trolling.  When trolling with other rod holders in the past, I had to tether my rod and reel because their was no way to lock it in without hindering the ability to quickly begin fighting my fish after a hookup.   While offshore I troll to and from my bottom spots, and the YakAttack Zooka Tube has proved its worth time and time again while doing so.


Trolling with the YakAttack Zooka Tube

I have hooked up and have been smoked by some impressive sized king mackerel including my personal best King, weighing in at 22 1/4lbs.  Even when I hooked up to my personal best king, the YakAttack Zooka Tube never showed a bit of weakness. I was able to simply turn my reel out of the locked position and begin fighting my fish.  After gaffing my king, I placed the rod back in the Zooka Tube and removed the hooks without having to worry about my rod falling to Davy Jones’ locker.


One of the best features of the Zooka Tube is the ability to change it from locking in a spinning reel setup to locking in a Baitcast setup by simply loosening a plastic wing nut and rotating the Zooka Tube 180 degrees.  I have trolled inshore using my YakAttack Zooka Tube and caught some impressive reds and trout as well.  While kayak fishing a local bridge loaded with bull reds, I have had most of my luck trolling a white trout and the Zooka Tube has definitely been a key factor to my success at this bridge! I would highly recommend the Zooka Tube from YakAttack as your next rod holder on your kayak.





First and foremost, I am a devoted family man. I have been married to my amazing wife for 7 years and we have 4 awesome children. I was born with health issues which over time required two kidney transplants and several follow up surgeries. The seriousness of my health issues has given me a greater appreciation for life and family. Kayak fishing is a very important part of my life, it’s far more than just a hobby.   I picked up kayak finishing shortly after my last kidney transplant and fell in love.  I strive to represent the kayak fishing community with the upmost respect and enjoy sharing the sport with everyone! 

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