One of those days…

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As kayak anglers, we’ve all experienced it at some point or another.  If you’ve yet to experience it, then wait patiently, because it’ll come to ya at some point.  I’m talking about just simply having “one of those days”.  To clarify, that statement signifies that if it can go wrong, then it will go wrong.  Yes, I’m referring to my long time companion, Mr. Murphy’s Law.  Saturday, Mr. Murphy, was definitely feeling his oats.  Let me tell ya how this day went, and trust me, it’s a heckuva story of trials and tribulations.


The day started out ominously.  My alarm was set to go off at 6am.  The alarm went off, I turned it off, and crawled right back into bed.  Finally woke back up around 730am, and started getting ready to head to the water.  My 4yr old had the premonition of it being a bad day and said I should stay home.  Man, I wished I’d listened to him!  I headed to the bait shop to grab some bait, and head to the launch.  I grab my bait, ready to get on the water, with high hopes of having a good fishing day.  My buddy who works at the bait shop tells me the bite has been a little slow as of late, that he’d fished for 9 hours the previous day with only 2 bites.  Great, but it doesn’t bother me at all, as I make my own luck (or so I thought).  I get the Ride 115X unloaded and realize that I’d left my phone at home.  Lovely… no way to communicate and no way of telling the time.  At the launch, while unloading, there’s another kayak angler there getting ready to go out as well.  Of course, having decided to sleep in, I feel rushed, and this gentleman wanted to have a chit chat at the launch… something I wasn’t overly enticed to do.  So, in my haste to get away from the launch and get on the fish, I forget some important items.   I paddle out to my first spot, stake out, and get my rod ready to cast out.  Umm, yeah.

Remember when I’d said I’d forgotten some important items at the launch?  Well, numero uno on that list was my bait.  So yes, I paddled back to the launch (1/2 a mile each way) to go get the bait out of the back of my truck.  Lovely way to start the day isn’t it?  So, I’ve got my bait, paddled the 1/2 mile back to where I was initially, and cast out a line.  I’ve had luck at this spot on low tide catching redfish, and had assured myself, I was going to do so today.  Nada, nothing, zilch, zip, and just about every other word you can imagine in regards to “zero”.  I then picked up and moved to another spot and while heading to my second choice of the day, I spot a redfish cruising around an oyster mound.  Woo hoo, my luck is about to change!  I set up and cast at the oyster mound, and wait for that lovely feeling of a rod doubling over.  I wait some more… Then, I wait a little longer.  Again, nothing there, Mr. Redfish has moved on.

I then head to my “go to” spot, where I’ve always caught redfish or black drum.  I paddle back, get set up, and cast out a rod.  By the time I cast and flip my bail, it’s “fish on!”.  Finally!  The old “go to” spot has once again paid off!  Unfortunately, that redfish seemed to be the only one who was hungry in that area.  To add insult to injury, not long after I hooked the redfish, the same guy from the launch paddles in right on top of me at my spot.  Now, I know there’s no such thing as someone owning a “spot”, but someone already fishing an area shouldn’t have to worry about someone paddling right up to them, and basically killing the mood.  Oh, and did I mention that the bugs were horrendous all day as well?  Gnats were all over the place, and of course, I’d forgotten to bring any bug repellent.

Just goes to show that it’s not all about the catching.  Some days, ya just gotta simply chalk it up to “one of those days”…


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