Kayak Charter with Rich & Ashley

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DSCF0531I had a charter booked by Ashley for her boyfriend, Rich, on Friday, July 26th.  It was a gift that Ashley wanted to do for Rich because he’d been interested in kayak fishing.  The day started out perfect, and I don’t think we could have asked for better weather.  We met at Browns Creek Fish Camp to grab some ice and bait for the day, then proceeded to the launch.  After we quickly unloaded all the kayaks and gear, I gave a quick presentation on the anatomy of the Feelfree Moken series kayaks, and some quick instruction on safety and paddle techniques.  We then launched to flat calm waters in search of redfish.  Rich took to paddling like a pro, and quickly took off.  Ashley was a little more tentative, but it was due to her first time in a kayak, but quickly picked it up herself.DSCF0526

We paddled over to our first spot, and not long after Rich lands a stout 18″ flounder to knock off the skunk.  It was dead low tide, and we worked that area for a little while as we waited for the tide to move in.  As the water started moving in to the mud flat behind us, Rich & I decided to do some exploring on the flat.  After a quick “how-to” on how to stand in a kayak, Rich was up and poling around the flat in minutes.  We watched a ton of bait fish tearing around and Rich spotted a couple flounder, as they spooked out of the area.  We then picked up and moved to another area to set up and try to get Rich on a redfish.  Ashley was contrite with drifting along and enjoying the DSCF0525

calm of being out on the water, but Rich & I were after fish!  We set up, and before long my rod doubles over, and it’s Fish On!  After a nice quick fight, I land a nice 23″ redfish.  A quick pic later, and he was released to fight another day.  Rich then joined in and landed a small redfish, and we decided to move to another area.  At our next spot, I hook up to something big.  It was peeling drag and I knew it had to be a upper or over slot redfish.  I finally get it close to the kayak and realize that it’s arguably the largest stingray I’ve ever hooked in my life.  Ashley quickly paddled over and amazed at the size of this thing.  We took a few looks, then released him to go about his business.  The tide was starting to move in pretty well, so we decided to test our luck poling the grass flats behind Browns Island.  We saw a couple redfish making wake, but couldn’t offer any hookups.  We worked the flat for a little while, then started working a grass line to get Rich on some more fish.  He started working his popping cork with a mud minnow, and quickly had the last fish to complete his inshore slam, with a nice little trout.  We paddled around a little more, and Rich hooked into a few more trout.DSCF0529

All in all it was a great day to be out on the water, and I believe we welcomed another kayak angler to our community.  There were tons of laughs and a few smart-alecky remarks throughout the day.  It was a great charter with a great couple!

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