Warning Signs: You’re Not Fishing Enough

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It happens to us all at one time or another. We hit a slump where we’re not on the water as much as we’d want to be. These are some warning signs that you’re not getting out on the water enough. Disclaimer: While this is intended to be fun, there’s literally some truth in it as well.

Warning Signs


If it’s time to come clean, then I’d have to admit that this is a problem that I’ve been struggling with myself recently. It’s a serious issue that we need to spend more time talking about, and, unfortunately, far too many anglers suffer from this issue… “notfishingenoughitis”. This is a serious issue that plagues far too many anglers, and only together can we defeat this horrible disease.

You’ve lost your sunglass tan

Now, I’ve been married a little over 12 years and my wife will attest that she’s never known me without “the sunglass tan”. You know exactly what I’m talking about. The tan line just above the ear. The raccoon eyes that every angler knows and recognizes. Heck my wedding photos all distinctly show the sunglass tan (much to my wife’s chagrin). Of course, that was a memorable bachelor weekend in the Keys chasing Dorado for a few days! The point is, if you’re like me, the sunglass tan dissipating is a definite sign that you need to grab your rods and yak and run (literally you need to run!!!) to the water.

You can’t remember your last trip

This is definitely one of those “duh” moments. If you literally have to stop and think for even a second when the last fishing trip you went on, then you’re a victim of this horrendous disease. During a conversation with an old friend a few days ago, he commented that it’d been a few days since he’d wet a line. That got me to thinking, “when was the last time I’d hit the water?”. The truly sad part is I had to scroll through my social media feed and calendar to figure it out! (Disclaimer: September 27th, 2016) This is a definite warning sign!


Your last Facebook photo wasn’t of a fish

Now, I know this one is pretty funny, but tell the truth, it really isn’t. Every one of us are guilty of going out, fishing, and coming home so we can post up some pics on Facebook or some other social media site. It’s not that we’re boastful, but fishermen love sharing pics of fish, and fishermen love seeing pics of fish that have recently been caught. If you’re like me, then you’re staring at your phone or PC looking at all the fishing pics that your buddies are posting all over the Yak Outlaws Facebook page with a sad tear.

Generally grumpiness and hate the world

There’s no arguing that there’s a definitely correlation between fishing and stress relief. No matter how tough a day you’ve had, fishing always makes that stress go away. Heck, simply being out on the water in your kayak or SUP is a true stress reliever. If you’re walking around grumpy to everyone snapping at the smallest of things, then you definitely need to take heed of this warning sign. Stop what you are doing, load up your fishing gear, and go get out on the water. Trust me, this is the best advice you will ever get and everyone will thank you afterwards.


Dust on your gear

If you can walk out to your garage or “man space” and discover that your gear is buried underneath a layer of dust, then you, my friend, are definitely not fishing enough. It’s beyond time to wipe off the dust and get back on the metaphorical horse. If there’s a layer of dust on your fishing gear, stop what you’re doing and go get out on the water.

You’ve been served

This my friends is the ultimate warning sign. This is when it stops being funny and the seriousness of the situation takes over. Warning signs are out the window, and we’re on the verge of Armageddon when we reach this point. See that dodgy looking fellow hanging out around your garage? He’s there to serve you with papers. Your fishing gear is tired of being ignored and now wants a divorce. Granted this is the absolute extreme when it comes to the warning signs, but trust me, you definitely DO NOT want it to get to this point. Your fishing gear is like a girlfriend or wife… they need attention too! Take them out, show them a good time… You’ll be rewarded in the end!


My hope is that this Public Service Announcement brings to light the seriousness of this sometimes fatal disease that many of us have succumbed to at one time or another. Keep an eye out on your fellow anglers and pay attention to these warning signs. If we can help at least one of us get back out on the water, then we’d accomplished a service to our sport. Tight lines and catch one for me… I’ll be in court slammed with litigation with my fishing gear.

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