Wahoo Anchor Trolley Install: Yak Gear

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In this instructional video, we’ll show you how to install an anchor trolley on your kayak for anchoring purposes. The Wahoo Anchor Trolley install is an easy process, and should take less than 20 minutes.wahoo anchor

Let’s face it, the toughest obstacle many new kayak owners face is drilling into their brand new kayak. This issue probably causes more trepidation than anything else in kayak fishing. Those of us who’ve been doing this for a few years don’t look at it as a big issue, but dreading putting a hole into your kayak in definitely understandable. Fret not though because installing an anchor trolley isn’t that tough of a job, and with the help of this instructional video it will be a breeze.

We decided to do a Wahoo anchor trolley install due to a few questions of advice on social media. The Wahoo from Kaku Kayak is a widely loved kayak, and one of the most important rigging necessities on a kayak is an anchor trolley. The Wahoo anchor trolley install is quite simple and should only take 15-20 minutes. We decided to go with the Deluxe Anchor Trolley from Yak Gear. A family member had just recently purchased a Wahoo 12.5, and she asked for help rigging up her new kayak.

An anchor trolley is typically one of the most important tools an angler can employ while out on the water kayak fishing. An anchor trolley allows the angler to not only anchor themselves to fish a certain spot, but the trolley system assists the angler when dealing with current and wind to stay in place. While the Wahoo kayaks from Kaku Kayak do come with a preset molded area specifically for the Power Pole Micro, many anglers prefer the low cost of the anchor trolley with a stake out pole or small anchor.

We hope this instructional video on the Wahoo anchor trolley installs makes your next DIY project an easy one.

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