Tuesday Afternoon Fishing for Reds

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Tuesday afternoon turned out to be a pretty good day after all. If you’re a resident of Florida, then you know how tough Mother Nature has been on us lately. Constant rains, then some more rain thrown in for good measure. It seemed that every chance I thought I had to get out on the water, Mother Nature quickly chimed in and said “nope”. Tuesday afternoon that all changed.As mentioned before the rains have been relentless. Now, I don’t mind fishing in the rain. Heck, the fish are already wet, and it ain’t raining underwater, right? My issues deal with the lightning. Yeah, no sense in risking life and property when the night is being lit up like the 4th of July with lightning strikes. In all honesty, I’d entered into a slump due to all the weather. It’s easy to get into a rut when all you do is work your butt off, then come home to get a few hours sleep before starting the process all over again. Truth be told, I almost talked myself out of going so I could catch up on some things around the house. Boy, am I glad I didn’t.

I took off work around 3pm, which is pretty early these days. I headed home, constantly rechecking the radar for upcoming storms. It’d been forecasted that we were going to get another round of storms in the late afternoon/early evening hours. I decided I was going regardless, so I backed in, quickly grabbed my Bimini Bay Outfitters fishing shirt, and loaded up my Native Watercraft Slayer 13 Propel and my Okuma Helios fishing rods and reels. I searched frantically all over my garage for my camera mount for my digital camera, but to  no avail. This almost screwed up my afternoon, but luckily a little engineering saved me (more on that later).

Tuesday afternoon

I headed to Browns Creek to launch the yak. I’d wanted to fish a different place, but restrictions on time and the tides nixed that idea. Browns Creek is a great place to fish, and close to home, which is all the more better. I chatted with a couple land-locked anglers for a moment who asked a few questions about kayak fishing and my Slayer, then watched their envy as I peddled off with ease heading to my fishing spot for that Tuesday afternoon.

The winds had picked up a tad, but the breeze felt great and it was welcomed with open arms. On my way back to where I initially wanted to fish, I passed a dock, where my with & I had picked up a couple of nice sized redfish a few weeks back. I decided I’d pitch a bait to test my luck before heading back to where I initially wanted to fish. My first cast, I had a decent bite, but missed the fish. Second cast I didn’t like the placement, so I reeled it in to recast. Third cast was a charm on this Tuesday afternoon. Fish On!

Tuesday afternoon

I was completely unprepared for what just happened. I hadn’t mounted my GoPro Hero 4, hadn’t stowed any gear, but this fish didn’t care. I hit like a freight train, and started peeling drag. I quickly grabbed the GoPro, and held it in my mouth as best I could, hoping the whole time that the video would not only be great, but turn out halfway decent. To be honest, I just hoped it wasn’t lopsided! This fish took off on several runs. I’d work it to the vicinity of the Slayer, and she’d take off on another screaming run. This went on about 5-6 times, before I finally got a decent look at her. My Tuesday afternoon just went from great to freakin’ awesome!

I quickly grabbed my Fish Grips, and lipped the redfish. I then grabbed my measuring board to see how big she actually was. I have a Werner hawg trough, and it’s a little over 30″ long. This fish hung over the end! I was stoked! I just had to have a hero shot of this beautiful fish. This is where the camera mount issue came into play. I normally carry my Fujifilm FinePix XP 50 waterproof digital camera with me when fishing. It’s great to have for mounting on a camera mount to get those hero shots when you’re out on a solo trip. My issue was that I couldn’t find my camera mount. I had the pedals raised on the Slayer so I tried “resting” the camera on the top of the drive, but it would slide off. Luckily for me, I always have a Chums floating wrist harness on the kayak so I wedged the camera in the opening to make a sort of base. Luckily this little feat f engineering worked, and I was able to get the hero shot of this beautiful redfish.

Tuesday afternoon

With my Tuesday afternoon completely made, I watched this beautiful fish swim away healthy, and geared up to try to catch more fish. I sat in that spot a little while longer catching a few more fish, including a nice black drum and a small jack crevalle before heading back to the launch. I hit the water that Tuesday afternoon around 4pm, and I was back at the launch, loaded up and heading home by 6:45. Not a bad way to spend a Tuesday afternoon in my opinion. And yes, I’m still grinning ear to ear from that awesome redfish… amped up and ready for the weekend to go and catch many more.

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